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Everything in its Place

It looks like everything regarding Atlantic City in March is falling into place, much like a good game of Tetris. Before I give some more details, let me just briefly touch on some of the comments to my "Dear Whiny Poker Player" post.

The number one comment I feel I ought to respond to was made by Hoyazo, one of the players confirmed for the WSOP Circuit Event #6 at Caesars on March 10th. Hoyazo stated in a very tongue and cheek way (i.e., no hard feelings either way, I'm sure) that it is the antithesis of blogging to tell other people what they should and should not blog about. Well, by way of response, let me dodge that concept all together and explain myself. My post was not, "Dear Whiny Poker Blogger." I understand that blogging is a very personal thing, and there are times, as stated by Patch, when it is actually useful to talk out one's poker pitfalls and frustrations, in a blog setting or otherwise. Plus, every blogger has the personally exerted pressure to post frequently, and when your mind is in the poker duldrums, of course that will be the source material from which you work.

What I am talking about is something much broader than blogs or blogging. It's the basic idea that harping on the negatives of the game will do nothing but hurt you. It won't hurt me. While you are licking your wounds, I'm going to be shooting new ones and taking advantage of your gunshy state. It would behoove me to actually encourage my opponent to get upset over bad beats and such. Hell, I did it to mini-Matusow on Monday at Salami. But I try to offer advice that I have found useful, and a cornerstone to my philosophy is that in order to succeed you must be confident. It is hard, if not impossible, to be confident if you personalize the pitfalls of poker, bad beats, bad players rewarded for their bad decisions, etc. Accepting these pitfalls is, in my estimation, a necessary element to maximizing any players' potential.

I also believe that some people are just not cut out for acceptance of poker's pitfalls. These people really should stop playing, especially if they are a losing player. Of course, it just benefits my wallet if they don't take that advice.

So, long story short, the post was not about Whiny Blogging. It was about Whiny Poker Players who think that the pitfalls of poker are particularly aimed at them, and feel that they "cannot win." If you cannot win, then quit. I stick by my story.

Okay, so enough longwinded philosophy. Let's move onto something infinitely more exciting. Some quick background. I love Atlantic City. I know there are a boat load of poker players and bloggers in the North East. So, I suggested that if anyone was interested, they should join me down to AC for the weekend of March 9-11, when the AC Caesar's is hosting a WSOP Circuit event. I had been to one event before at Harrah's in December 2006. I played a $300+40 event, with a backer covering me halfway, but went out after the dinner break. I had such a great time, I was determined to play another. The March Circuit events at Caesar's seemed like my best bet.

The WSOP Circuit schedule posted on the WSOP website, unfortunately, listed the Saturday March 10th event as a $1000 buy-in. I don't know about you, but that's too high for me, but I decided that, hell, let's still go and we'll just play another one of AC's many tournaments. Hoyazo brought to my attention the fact that Caesar's website had the event listed as a $300+40 event, and I did my best to get to the bottom of it. In the end, I got the number to a WSOP Circuit hotline set up at Caesar's which confirmed the $300 buy-in.

Now what? Well, I'm definitely going to play in the event, as is Hoyazo, who will be making a day trip to AC. I just heard word that we also have another blogger and company in AC on the same weekend thanks to a bachelor party. Those would be AlCantHang and BigMike, so if you like to drink, I'm sure someone will be around to join you. Guin is still a posibility and will be looking into the trip last minute. Katitude is in NY around that time, and I'm hoping she can make the trip down to AC too. My partner in crime, Roose, will be joining me. Bone Daddy is also a potential participant. So, all in all, things are coming together, and no matter what you can join me for some poker, grilled cheese, rum and cokes and more poker that weekend if you are interested in heading down for the trip.

I should probably offer some other local poker news. As it turns out, the Mohawk Indians have gotten the thumbs up to build an off-reservation casino in the Catskills, NY, about 75 miles from NYC (compared to 125 miles between NYC and AC). No word yet on whether the casino will have a poker room, but frankly, I'm not hopeful, since I am sure that space will be an issue (slots make more money per square foot than poker) and competition will not.

Also, the powers that be are really screwing the pooch on the much anticipated Express Train service to run between NYC and AC. The trains are expected to run on weekends only (okay), are expected to start in early 2008 (...okay), and will cost between $76 and $112 each way (WHAT?). Yes, folks, you too can go to AC by way of rail as long as you are willing to spend more money than it costs to just rent a freaking car from NYC. Wifey Kim and I went overnight and paid maybe $90 or so including gas for the car...and we weren't beholden to some very limited train schedule (only 3 trains back to NYC on Sunday?). Good job casinos and transit authorities! You've turned a great idea into a clunker!

That's it for today. Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 1:38 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

No offense intended by that post from my end, man. I just can't escape the irony every single time I read another of these "you owe me a dollar" and "no one cares about your bad beats" posts out there in bloggerland. The guy who invented the blog as a medium must be rolling over in his grave (metaphorically speaking, since hopefully he is alive and well).

And btw I agree with you 100%, if someone thinks that they "cannot win" at any game, then to continue playing that game when it's costing you time, money and happiness is surely the definition of insanity.

And yeah I am really looking forward to the tourney in AC on March 10. I bet we can rustle up a nice group of people to play and hang out for the day.

At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st amendment, baby

I'm masochistic.

At 11:54 AM, Blogger Alceste said...

Apparently, they based the price on the current price for the express train to Philly (since you pretty much have to go all the way there and then head down to AC). At that price though, you're right that renting the car is abetter (and far more convenient) option.

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous 1st Rule said...

Lol Sounds to me like you should write a post about whinny poker blogging

At 11:50 AM, Blogger platkat said...

Fellow sometimes-poker blogger in NYC here. I'm thinking about playing the March 10th tournament and/or the ladies event the next day 'cause it's a little cheaper and I'm a little rusty. My mate, Gus, will be in AC too, but he'll be at a bachelor party for at least part of our trip and I think they're keeping it boys-only. (Pretty lame, but it's not MY party!) Let me know where you guys will be so I can meet up with you!


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