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Hammer Play

For all you people who enjoy a little hammer play:

I was playing a .15/.30 deepstack table on FullTilt with an assortment of bloggers and had an interesting hand with the hammer. Now, I play the hammer whenever I get it, blogger game or not (barring, of course, situations where action has made it clear that the hammer cannot be played).

Some people believe that suited hammers are actually not hammers at all. Those people are what we call pussies. Eh, more accurately, they are just conservative. For my money, I'll play the suited hammer, mostly because it is just a wider range of hands (72o and 72s) to randomize bluffs. If you want some more information on why the hammer is actually a good hand to play, check out THIS POST, inspired by the recently hibernating Anonymous King.

Club Hammer was open for business as soon as I saw the 72c dealt to me UTG+1 at the full ring table. I decided to raise it to 3x the BB, or .90 total. I was immediately raised to $3 total by the man on my left, Drizz. It folded around to me, and normally, I'd fold here, but since I was surrounded by fellow bloggers and I'd get paid well if I hit, I flat called.

The flop was 9c 5c Jd. Alright! Club Hammer is open 9 to 5. I now have my flush draw and a couple of potential runner-runner straights out there. Also, unless he has 99, JJ or AJ, I can't imagine that the board helped him. I hope that he has AK or something, but I have to be cautious. I puss out and check. He bets $4 into the $6+ pot, and I decide, mostly because of the flush draw, to call. Looking back, this was stupid. If I hit my flush, I'm not getting paid off, most likely, so there are little implied odds. The only saving grace is my loose image and the potential to let Drizz bet my flush for me, if it comes.

The turn is a 7h, and I actually have a pair, albeit third-pair. I check, hoping that Drizz will slow down, and he complies by checking after me.

The river is a Js. I'm thinking about betting, but in the end, Drizz seems likely to call, even with a mediocre hand like A9, since that second J probably would lead him to believe that I don't have top pair. And then this happens:

Drizztdj: hammer good?
Drizztdj checks

*** SHOW DOWN ***

Drizztdj shows [7s 2d] (two pair, Jacks and Sevens)
HighOnPoker shows [7c 2c] (two pair, Jacks and Sevens)
HighOnPoker ties for the pot ($6.90) with two pair, Jacks and Sevens
Drizztdj ties for the pot ($6.85) with two pair, Jacks and Sevens


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Hammer gOOt!!!


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