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"I'm sdick." It's my usual refrain when complaining of a cold, a bit of an exaggeration on the natural nasal-stuffed lisp that colds bring about. Of course, the fact that is sounds like dick (tee hee) is fun too.

This weekend, wifey Kim and I joined her friend Jessica, her husband and another couple to an off-Broadway (or was it on Broadway?) show for Jessica's birthday. The show, The 25th Annual Spelling Bee (or something similar) was surprisingly funny. The freezing cold air outside, not so funny.

After the show, we made out way over to Serendipity III, a famous restaurant/dessert place (it was the inspiration and much of the setting for the John Cusack romantic comedy, Serendipity) only to discover the short waiting time of 1 and 1/2 hours. Serendipity III is fairly close to my office, so I led our walk to one of the many oases (plural of oasis, folks) of the city, Starbucks. The first one was too packed. The second one, around the corner from the first, was too small. The third one, a short block from the second, was just right. Or right enough at least.

Generally, I am not a coffee guy, and my Starbucks drink of choice is the shaken iced green tea, unsweetened. Seeing as I was suffering from hypothermia, I decided to go for the hot chocolate, while wifey Kim had a vanilla latte (I have no idea what a "latte" is, but from my estimation, it seems like hot milk). The hot chocolate was actually fantastic. The freezing walk back to Serendipity, not so fantastic.

We were seated relatively quickly when we returned to Serendipity and squeezed 8 bodies (friends Suzanne and Chris joined us by this time) into a table made for 6. I ended up in the outside chair at the round table, and suffered my usual fate of people bumping into the back of my chair as though I had the audacity to sit where it was placed. No, "excuse mes" or "sorrys" (that is the incorrect plural of sorry) needed, but it would have been nice...especially from the wait staff. This is just the way things are some times, so I rolled with the punches (and elbows and hips and jackets) and enjoyed my meal. The dessert, we shared a frozen peanut butter hot chocolate, was outrageously delicisious. The arctic blasts coming from the door every time someone entered or left the busy restaurant, not so outrageously delicious.

The next day, wifey Kim and I had my good college buddy Jefe and his girlfriend over for the Super Bowl. I could already feel the inklings of a cold, but it was a day to celebrate with copious amounts of beer and food, so I put my bitchy sniffles aside. All in all, it was a great time. Running through my tissues, not such a great time.

Yesterday, I bustled into work, bundled up. At lunch, I gathered my cold gear and got ready to venture out. I couldn't find my snow hat, which I had definitely worn to work. With a head like mine, that is, lacking what the French call, le hair, you always remember to bring your hat. Somewhere between the building's lobby and my office, though, my hat absconded. I waited for the elevators, hoping that the one that opened would be the one I took up and would have my hat waiting patiently. No go.

I scurried with my chilled scalp to the nearest Gap, a block and a half from my office. They had stopped selling hats in the 12 degree weather, but I could gladly buy board shorts, if I wished. I didn't wish. I scurried next door to Express (for Men...I'm not that desperate yet), but they had gotten rid of their winter merchandise as well. I eventually made my way to H&M and scored the ugliest, worst-fitting snow hat I have ever owned. For $6, though, the price was right and I continued about my day.

Last night, I said to wifey Kim that I might take a sick day today. This morning I knew I would be heading into work. I just don't like taking time off. I am regretting it as I type. My head feels loopy, my nose is sore from blowing, one nostril is runny and the other is stopped up, my eyes are droopy and my throat aches.

I'm sdick. But I want to play poker. Yep, I got to poker, folks, because that is where my head is at right now. I had planned on playing the Salami tournament again today, after chopping 1st and 2nd with 23Skidoo last week. But alas, I have to consider if being sick will make me play poorly. I also feel a need to play the game, if only because I want to keep in practice and online poker is not even on the radar at all anymore. I played a $10+1 PLO8 SNG last night and lost, bringing my online bankroll to about $20, and I'm happy enough with that.

So, what's the move? Play poker when I feel held down by a heavy cold, or just skip it and wallow in self pity. It's a tough call, but right now self-pity wins out. At least I won't feel like such a dousche when I call in sick tomorrow.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 5:11 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Being sdick sucks. Get yourself better. And yes, Starbuck's Hot Chocolate is teh absolute shizzzzzzzz. Christmas morning, pea soup fog and high 30s temps for a drive from Fresno to San Diego, that hot chocolate was phenomenal. Hope you're better soon.


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