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DADI 7 is around the corner. For more details check the DADI website, or check the post, below. One notable change is the password, which is now PokerTrust. If you could do me a great favor, please take that perty banner or text or whatever and give DADI a little bit of love on your site. I know I'm pandering, but we usually start pimping for DADI a month in advance, and we don't even have two weeks this time. That with the password change means we can take all the help we can get!

I've turned the corner mentally. Sometimes I use this forum as my own public therapy session. After some hard knocks, I posted a bitch-fest about how I was "gambling" instead of playing poker as some sort of masochistic ritual. I think it was true at the time, but often after a post like that, I can put it behind me. By the time I write about it, I've already identified the problem. By the time I get comments, I'm already reflecting on it. By the time I'm back at the felt, I'm already working on it. That middle step, reading your comments, is a huge component in the formula, so thank you all for giving your two cents.

Hoyazo asked about my sports betting of late in a recent comment. I have been on fire, once again. If I didn't throw away $40 in misplaced bets and $45 in a tilting attempt to undo some damage, I'd be up about $180 (not including the money currently placed on pending bets. As it is, I'm actually up about $100. For a guy who started with $47 to gamble with, that's pretty damn good.

Since I've made those misplaced bets (betting the under 2.5 instead of betting on Argentina and the Netherlands), I won my misplaced under 2.5 on Mexico v. Angola for $20, and lost the $45 I put on Mexico to win. Yuck! The next day was much better. I lost $15 on Czech OVER Ghana, but won $10 on Portugal OVER Iran and $10 on the Under 2.5. I also won $22 on USA +.5 OVER Italy (i.e., I win if US ties or wins), which is the first of three underdog bets I won in a 2 day run. On Sunday, I also won with a bet on Korea +.5 against France, and Japan +.5 against Croatia, for about $37 total, before losing $10 on the Over in the Brazil-Australia game. I've already won $10 on Switzerland OVER Togo today, but lost $10 on the UNDER 2.5 for the Ukraine/Saudia Arabia matchup. The last bet currently pending is the UNDER 2.5 for Tunisia/Spain, starting at 3PM EST today.

Okay, enough of that. This ain't High on Sports Betting! What about the poker? I lost a token SNG (bought in with a $24+2 token to win a $75 token) at Fulltilt on Friday night, and also lost a $30+3 Limit MTT on which only had 6 players, and therefore was not much of an MTT. Yesterday, I won $10.50 at .10/.25 NL Omaha 8b at Stars and $2 or so at 2/4 LO8. So, it was an up day, but not by much.

And that was all. I'm not playing alot. I'll keep it to one or two SNGs or one MTT predominantly per night, or, even better, an hour, at most, at a cash game. The SNGs and MTTs have not been profitable, and I'm here to make money.

My attitude is a lot better. Last night, I felt like playing some more, but it wasn't that good feeling. It was that compulsion feeling. Instead, I watched some Deadwood and eventually hit the hay. I guess self-control is the remedy for what ails me, and I plan on keeping my self-control as a priority.

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At 11:37 PM, Blogger TripJax said...


It was 100% original, but I'm an avid Onion fan so I've had years of reading their articles to hone my skills in that style of writing.

I just thought that one up last night before going to bed and ran with it.

BTW, the tourney is up and ready for sign-ups...

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Ingoal said...

W00t...hmm...I wonder what that whole "" thingy is about...the website isn't resolving yet (at least not for me) this a secret (pet) project of yours?! ;-)

At 10:13 AM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Wait and see, ingoal...wait and see...

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Ingoal said...

Alrighty...I guess I'll have to be patient then :-(



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