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Sucking It Up

The new card room I attended tonight is like a larger Genoa. The $40+10 tournament had 18 players to start with about 4-6 more joining late. I'll make this short. I was the 2nd player out. The player on my right was a fat blowhard who was looking to go out fast when he realized how many players sat. He could've been bullshitting, sure, but I could tell that this fat slob in a nice suit thought he had better things to do. His cell conversation was a good indication too.

Now, I mention this because what I did was very gutsy. Even stupid. But I was working from a read, an incorrect one sadly, and I think that my move wasn't as bad as the results suggest. Okay, enough preamble. Here we go.

I'm in mid-position with AQo. Fat Slob is on my left. He's already called an all-in with A6 on an Ace high board after he was check-raised. Oddly, the other guy had A6 also, so it was a split pot. Fat Slob also played the two or three other hands so far.

So, he raises to 200 from 50 after I limp in MP. It goes around and everyone folds. I call. The flop is KQJ rainbow. I check, and I know what is going to happen. He pushes all-in. I make this speech, "I knew you were going to do that. I had a choice. Go all-in or let you do it and decide then. I think you might have AK...but, you know what, let's do it. I call." He flips over pocket Aces and I lose.

Okay. It was a bad move. I was hoping he had Ace Low again and was making a move. But realistically, he coulda had any King, AT, or KJ, QJ, etc. STUPID!!!

So, I'm home now, and I'm considering playing. I'm thinking I shouldn't chase the dragon. I still have some residue tilt over me. I think I'll watch Apprentice with wifey Kim. The show is crap, but the company is good.

On TV news, Dre told me that they red-flagged the delivery and it won't be delivered. Wifey Kim was rightly pissed. I called back Dre and told him to keep me posted. A couple of hours later, he finally got it worked out. Ah! The TV will be delivered between 2 and 4. Now, ready for the humorous part? My cable box stopped working this morning. The technician can't come until Tuesday night! It's not terrible because I can use our bedroom cable box in the living room. BUT, shit man! TVin' ain't easy! Don't believe me? Just ask Kip!

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At 9:40 PM, Anonymous kipper said...

Yes this was the best TV writeup of the group!

Sorry about your lost. I would have walked to the corner store and bought the 'fat slob' a package of 'Oreos' or Fortune cookies one of the two.


At 9:44 PM, Anonymous kipper said...


Sorry I need to correct that for some odd reason.


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