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Some Law, Some Bash, Some Vacation

Blogger just changed their blogger interface...and it's blowing my mind.

Of course, my mind was previously blown this morning by a Judge. I'll give you the whole story in a Cliff Notes version. About a year ago, the defendant in a lawsuit, let's call it Lawsuit X, made a motion requesting that the Court dismiss the lawsuit because it was brought in the wrong State. I diligently did the research and had a cogent argument about how the motion was premature and incorrect regardless. The Judge decided for the defendant, we appealed to a higher court, and the higher court agreed with us. The motion was premature, the parties would exchange more documents and depose certain people, and the defendant could remake the motion.

Well, all of that stuff was done, but sure enough, the motion ends up in front of the exact same Judge. And here is a quick lesson in rough justice and human nature: Judges hate, and I mean hate, changing their decisions. After all, if the Judge suddenly saw it our way, he would essentially be admitting that he was wrong earlier. So, I go to the Court, the defendant orally argues, I respond and the Judge gives his oral reading it from a sheet of paper. He had already written his decision before we entered the Court room. And, surprise-surprise, he found for the defendant.

It's times like that when I know I shouldn't expect anything different, but I get upset anyway. What can I say, I hate losing. But I have to accept that even the right play may result in a bad result. Sounds familiar?

My guess is that we will appeal it again...and the process continues ad infinitum.

So I've been thinking about the Bash, hosted by AlCantHang. I went two years ago to the last Bash, which you can read about HERE. I had an amazing time that year, with my roomies TripJax and PokerWolf. I remember a few days after the Bash, Trip and I were chatting or emailing and he said something akin to, Sorry we didn't get to hang out. I had to remind him that we hung out for most of the night...unfortunately, it was the part of the night he could no longer remember. Good memories...for me at least.

The Bash is, in my experience, just an amazing time. Picture dozens of people that you read and enjoy, drinking and gambling with reckless abandon. Perhaps that's not the full picture, because it is also really about hanging out and chatting, drunk or sober, with people who share common interests. Plus, the Bash seems to create a weird environment where bloggers from around the country all feel like they are in their own home town bar. It's just super comfortable because you know everyone on some level, either directly or through other people, and the host and location welcome us with open arms.

I considered for a moment that I might skip the Bash this year. If Trip goes, he'll probably go with his wife, and I don't think Wolfie is going at all. Plus, I'm busy as shit with vacations and whatnot.

But really, how could I miss the Bash?! It'll probably be one of the most fun days I'll have all year.

So, um, anyone need a roommate? If so, email me at HighOnPokr (no E) at Yahoo. I'll probably come in Saturday morning, so I'll only be there overnight, but I'm tidy, don't snore, and like to snuggle.

Hell, maybe I'll just rage it solo, but I thought I'd give some of you an opportunity to save some dough. I'm so generous.

I'm heading off to California on Saturday morning. Wifey Kim and I will be driving the coast, from SF to SD, with lots of stops throughout. I hate to sound like a dork or worse, a fanboy, but I have to admit that Nick's Diner in LA is on my list of places to visit, all because of Dr. Pauly and Change100's posts. Yeah, I'm ghey like that.

My posts will be few and far for a week, but bare with me. Hopefully, I'll have some good poker content if I can sneak away for a few hours in SF to check out Bay 101 or whatever.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in L.A., and I could be wrong, but I think Change and Pauly are always talking about John O' Groats on Pico Blvd. in West LA. You should check with them and be sure.

Have a great trip.

At 10:45 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

My best memories in life are the ones I half remember. Can't wait to forget a ton more with ya J.

At 10:47 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

And by the way...good chance she doesn't come...even though i would love her to. So there's that. We'll see, but since I'll be a near the time decision, I don't expect you to wait around for me. Do your thing and if it works out then cool. If not, I'll sleep on the bar. Woot!

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I can say with confidence that Jordan is a fine roommate and only snuggles a little bit.

At 2:37 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Hope you enjoy/enjoyed Cali!

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Have a safe trip, Dude. Remember...WuTang forever!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

and I don't think Wolfie is going at all

You'd be right.

That's why I'm hitting Vegas in December.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger Dawn Summers said...

Jooorrrddaaaaaannn...whheeerrreeee aaaareee yyoouuuuu????


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