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After work last night, I joined wifey Kim and another couple for some wine tasting in Jersey City, NJ. The wine bar's wine tasting menu for the night consisted of all champagnes and sparkling wines. After polishing off my four glasses of bubbly and helping wifey Kim down her last glass (and by help, I mean taking it while she was not looking and switching it with my empty glass...SCORE!), we returned home. I plopped on the couch, considered playing online poker and then heard wifey Kim from the kitchen. "A package came from Amazon," she said as she shuffled through the mail. Like a little kid on Hanukah morning, I tore into the package to see something that assured me that all was right in the world...


I then proceeded to stay up way past my bed time trying to unlock new courses.

For those curious, the game is freaking awesome. It has very intuitive controls, with or without the free Wii steering wheel that comes with the game. The wheel is really just a disembodied steering wheel (just the wheel, no steering column/neck/etc.) with a space for you to literally cram your Wiimote. In any event, the steering was intuitive, and the game play was impressive. Suddenly, I'm not so bummed out that I am missing out on all of the GTA IV hype. Due to my carpal-tunnel-like hand problems, I avoid most console games, but the Wii allows me the freedom to play without relying on button mashing. Sadly, this means no PS3 or X-Box 360, and therefore no GTA IV. Sad day.

Also in Jordan is a Dork news, I am participating in a rousing competition this upcoming Saturday. A few months ago, wifey Kim and my mutual friend, B, asked wifey Kim if she wanted to partner up for a Amazing Race game around NYC. Essentially, it's a wittled down version of the TV show Amazing Race throughout NYC, with 20 teams racing for a $250 prize. Since she agreed to join B, I was sans partner...until I called up wifey Kim's ultra-competitive brother, bro-in-law Marc. So, if you see me running around Manhattan on Saturday, keep out of my way. I have a race to win.

Aside from these diversions, life plods along. Work continues to stress me, even on non-stressful days, but that is more about me than anything else. Poker is practically non-existent and will remain practically non-existent unless I feel an urge to play an SNG tonight. I really need more live games, but socializing takes priority.

That's all the morsels of Jordan that you get for today. If any of you punks have Mario Kart yet, drop me a line. I'm pretty sure there is a way to play against each other via the wonders of the Internet. We can even play for money. After all, I need to build my bankroll somehow.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 3:14 PM, Blogger My final out said...


I have been a long time reader and I have learned a lot from your blog. Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you that you are ABSOLUTLY CORRECT about Mario cart. Sadly I do not have it, but my bro bought it for his kid and I love going over there to destoy my 8 year old nephew.....Or is that the other way around....Whatever, its a fun game.


At 4:50 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Thanks for dropping me a comment, Grouse. It's always a big help to read that someone actually got something beneficial out of this humble yet awesomely awesome blog. Get yourself a copy of Kart and the Wii and I will gladly teach you a thing or two about dropping bananas and slinging shells as well.

At 10:29 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

No GTAIV??!! Well with every intention of putting you on video game envy tilt, I can attest that it rocks! Discussing any other video game this week just seems ludicrous. I'd go into it more, but I've got mob errands to run.


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