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Weekend Pre-Cap

Hey folks. I've got an interesting few days ahead of me predicated by this horrible week at work, which saw me running from pillar to post and back again trying to get everything in order before I head to Puerto Rico on Tuesday. To make matters worse, a coworker left the firm, leaving me with two of his cases, both of which need a lot of attention right now. Alas, a man's got to do what a man's got to do, but its been tough going.

Meanwhile, I have an action packed weekend planned. Saturday will see me getting up at the crack of dawnin', now I'm yawnin', six fifteen in the mornin', off to meet my homeys for some straight hustla gansta shit off at the golf course, trick. I plan on making an ass of myself on my first real course.

Sadly, I had to turn down Dave Ruff's AC trip this weekend. Ruff is heading down Saturday for the day, and while I would love to go, I committed to golf. The idea of backing out of golf has crossed my mind more than once, but I really enjoyed playing the first time and I want to get back out there. The little bit of exercise will probably be good for me too. I say "little bit" because we'll likely be driving golf carts...cause that's how we roll in the hood (always up to no good).

After, I expect an impromptu poker game to start up anyway, considering my degenerate friends. Even better, the next day, I'll be heading the Ship It Fish homegame, which I'm going to dub Revenge of the SIF, if only because I can. It'll be a shorthanded mixed game format. The last time I played there was way back in aught six. If nothing else, its a great opporunity to play some of the more obscure games, like 2-7 Triple Draw, Badugi, and Razz. Yep, I love those lowball games.

My brother recently pointed out how odd it is that wifey Kim and I seem to have so many separate plans. I call it a godsend. I love wifey Kim, and I enjoy spending time with her, but I'm not the type of guy to get married and end up in lockdown. I love things that wifey Kim would not enjoy (read: poker, golf, hanging out with the guys) and she does things that I wouldn't enjoy (read: beach/pool for hours at a time with friends, gabbing with her chick friends), so it makes perfect sense that we would give each other the freedom to enjoy our favorite past times. Mind you, that doesn't mean that we don't go to the beach or hang out with friends together. It just means that we can also do these things without each other and the other person isn't miffed. God bless wifey Kim. I don't think I mentioned it in hindsight, but after my Roulette Decimation of '07, she was the voice of reason on the phone. I was telling her how stupid I felt, and rather than chastise me as most females would when they heard of their hubby's losing a nice sum on a stupid game, she asked perplexed, "Isn't that the point of a bankroll?" By that, she meant that I wasn't losing "our" money, and a good 65% of me, the part that worried about wasting family funds, was relaxed. The other 35%, the part that worried about losing the ability to play poker with a bankroll, was still reeling, but I could handle 35%.

I finished another banner for a fellow poker blogger. I have two more in the works, but this guy had a good idea, and if you give me a workable idea and I can find the right pics to start with, its always a smoother process. Its up already so stop by KajaGugu's site and give him props for his new layout. I have a couple of more in the works, but they'll be a week+ coming, with my upcoming vacation.

Rumor has it, NiceLook Club was definitely raided. I haven't played their in weeks. My guess is that Salami has remained under the radar, thanks to its small size and 60-years-and-running existence. Keerazy!

Finally, time for another WSOP Prop Bet Recap. Here we go:

MeanHappyGuy- Brandon Schaefer and Carl Olson vs. Carlos Mortensen and Phil Ivey ($5/final table, $15/bracelet). This one has been a real snorer. I've got one final table with Phil Ivey, making me +$5.

Unimpressed- Phil Hellmuth and Joseph Hachem vs. Mortensen and James Van Alstyne ($1 final table, $5/bracelet). I've missed entirely on this one, but Phil has won a bracelet and made a final table, so I'm -$6. I also have Under 7592 entrants for the main event.

Bayne- Jeff Madsen and Tim West vs. Mortensen and Raymer ($5/final table, $10/bracelet). Raymer has hooked it up with two final tables, putting me +$10.

Matty Ebs- Ferguson and Negreanu vs. Mortensen and Raymer ($5/final table, $10/bracelet). In the most active bet, Feguson has one final table and Negreanu has two, while Raymer has two, putting me -$5. I also have Under 5840 entrants in the main event. I'm expecting to lose that bet.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 3:34 PM, Blogger CC said...

I thought we had one for $1k: you had Vanessa Rousso and Jennifer Harman, I had Katja Thater and Vanessa Selbst...

At 4:51 PM, Blogger lj said...

wifey kim sounds like a very cool chick. good luck this w/e and thanks for the invite!

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Pseudo_Doctor said...

golf is like poker expect without the whole luck part. I have a feeling your going to get addicted to golf soon enough

At 10:49 PM, Blogger oossuuu754 said...

Hey Jordan tried to email you but the message bounced twice.

Thanks for doing my banner here are a few ideas but you do want you want.

Blog name Cowboy Poker is because i am diehard oklahoma state cowboy fan, i was thinking maybe OSU mascot pistol pet playing poker and the OSU logo and maybe oossuuu754 somewhere.

Here are some links to some wallpapers that have the logos

This link has some pix of Pistol Pete, the cartoon maybe something that u could do something with

This link has the logos and some more pistol pete


At 2:21 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

Thanks for the link and the AWESOME banner, amigo.

Golf is the nuts! I get to play again this weekend on a truly awesome course. Have fun out there. Where are you playing? When I lived in NYC I used to trek out to the local munis at 5am to play a walking round with octogenarians. That's how addictive it is.

Doesn't Phil's bracelet count as a final table as well? If so, I think he has a total of two so far.

At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan,
Can you please see the email I have sent you regarding the Gnuf link? It is pretty urgent so could you please email me back at the earliest?

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,
I resent my emails, but don't know if you've got them either. Maybe they are somehow getting classified as junk?
Is there an alternative email i can reach you on?
- Farhad

At 12:15 AM, Blogger MHG said...

Nah, bracelet wins shouldn't count as final tables, because being at a final table is mandatory to win a bracelet. Granted, they do make it to a final table, but I'm pretty sure all who bet weren't thinking about cashing in on both bets if their horse won a bracelet.

As for golf, I'm getting in my annual round this week as well! Can't wait to get some best-ball action with high stakes on the line. We all suck, but usually make a "who buys/makes dinner or breakfast" bet between the guys.

Have a good trip, hope we can finish our chess game before then!


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