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Odds and Ends

Let's start off with a little bit of a recap on my WSOP prop bets. Greg Raymer made another final table (the tournament isn't over yet, either) in event #20, $1500 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. That's Mr. Raymer's second final table so far, both in Stud-variety games. I also have Mr. Phil Ivey in one prop bet, and as previously report, Mr. Ivey also made a final table. So far, I've only had three people "score" against me, Matty Eb's Jesus Ferguson final tabled and early event, his other pick Negreanu final tabled an event recently, and Unimpressed's Phil Hellmuth actually won his 11th bracelete. I knew he'd do it too, but I couldn't turn down the action. Thankfully, Unimpressed only gets $5 for a win ($1 for a final table), the lowest amount for all of my bets. Whew! I wouldn't have bet more against Phil anyway. Good stuff! Full tally, I'm up $5 against MeanHappy, down $5 against Unimpressed, up $10 against Bayne, and even against Matty Ebs. Sweet! Now if Carlos Mortensen will final table, I'll be in great shape. He's playing, right? He better be!

Meanwhile, I've fallen into the abyss of online poker again. Its pretty simple, really. The BBT sucked me back in, because I want to get into that freeroll. Since the freeroll consists of 1/2 of all of the rake paid, its like each BBT tournament is rake free...assuming you only play in 1/2 of the events. That's especially nice, since I've been on a roll with the token tournaments, so usually I'm playing the Hoy on the cheap.

Last night, I decided to change things up and three-table. The first table was a PLO high MTT, which cost a $24+2 token. I actually played fairly well, in the 40s out of 68 or so people left out of 200+ when I had to make a move due to the high blinds. I busted, but shook it off relatively easy. I must admit to myself that I am NOT a PLO high player. I play most games, but PLO high is the worst for me. I started to do well when I became uber tight, which is really the best strategy (for me at least) in PLO. Unlike PLO8 (i.e., high/low), my range of hands in PLO is tiny. I try to stick with hands that involve 3 or more broadway cards (Ten through Ace), particularly in tournaments. Otherwise, I find myself fishing too much. In PLO8, I can deal with the fishing. The board analysis is a lot more complicated and that is where I believe I have my edge. In PLO, with only the high to worry about, that board-reading edge is diminished. Add in tournament donkeys and the drawing nature of Omaha games, and PLO is a lesson in futility, for me at least. Still, I just can't seem to stay away from that damn tournament.

Otherwise, I played the $75 token frenzy, winning a token without breaking a sweat. I've done well in most of the token frenzies I've entered, mostly because its just fold fold fold, raise big, fold fold fold. Its actually a great game to two table. I make the Token Frenzy window as tiny as possible and leave it in the corner, checking for AQ, AK, or 99-AA.

The third game was a .10/.25 NL, $7.50 Cap game with GCox. I hadn't played with G for a while, and I had some time before the aforementioned tourneys kicked off. So, I sat down with $15 and had an amazing time. As expected, there were a couple of complete donators at the table. It was like reading an open book. It didn't hurt that I was catching cards, but these lemurs were just handing their money to me. A donk raises, I call out of position with 33. The flop has a 3, I check, he checks. The turn is an Ace. I bet, he raises, I push, he calls with A6! Easy money.

In general, though, when I play online, I'm mostly prone to playing non-hold'em cash games, like Limit O8 or Razz. Frankly, you just can't find those games live. I also think that I have somewhat of an edge over the casual Razz or LO8 player, but beyond that, its just fun.

As for live poker, I contemplated heading to Salami's tournament tonight, but I'm just not up for it (right now). I'm feeling pretty sick, like a cold or allergies. I'd love to take a day off tomorrow to recuperate, but with one of my coworkers leaving the firm on Friday, I'll probably be needed to prepare for his exit. Ugh! I need a vacation.

Speaking of vacations, I have two amazing vacations coming up. The first is in two weeks. Wifey Kim and I are heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The best part is that her brother hooked us up with a sweet deal at the hotel. We'll be staying in a $700+/nt room for $119/nt. Can't beat that!

A few short weeks later, I'll be changing in the sand and sun for dust and sun, and maybe some pebbles! That's right, its time for Okie-Vegas, hosted by GCox. This will be my first in-person meeing with ole Coxy, a player who I met 2 years ago in a freeroll ran by Dr. Pauly. We got to reading each other's blogs, IMing, playing SNGs, and eventually entering a variety of Challenge-type tournaments, hosted by yours truly. TripJax and a whole assortment of bloggers will be there as well. And on top of that all, I'm just excited to be in Oklahoma! I mean, really, Oklahoma! Don't be jealous!

As for the Chess Challenge, I'm waiting on emails and buy-ins from more than a few players. Get them to me when you can. This is going to be a LONG process, so get comfortable, folks. Meanwhile, anyone and everyone continues to remind me that I suck at chess by promptly beating my ass.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 11:32 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ill play ya one night Jordon and then you can feel good about winning.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

A donk raises, I call out of position with 33. The flop has a 3, I check, he checks. The turn is an Ace. I bet, he raises, I push, he calls with A6! Easy money.

This is why playing cheapo cap tables is idiotic. Instead of winning 7.50 from the guy, you could have stacked him for $25. If you're going to play the Cap Tables, move up in limits. The next highest level has a $15 cap, so it's not like you're going to break the bank by playing there.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm mostly prone to playing non-hold'em cash games, like Limit O8 or Razz. Frankly, you just can't find those games live.

Nice Look Club spreads 15/30 O8 nearly every evening now. There was a lot of money on that table last night...

I also think that I have somewhat of an edge over the casual Razz or LO8 player

...but there probably aren't many casual players buying into an $800 game.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger NewinNov said...

Oklahoma, no I'm not jealous. Only two things come from....

Love San Juan, especially the Rain Forest in the center of the island. If you are really cheap you can listen to a one hour time share presentation in Old San Juan and snag $100 and a free lunch. Have fun.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Woffle, I'm ready for you!

Wolf, sheesh, man! I was just having a fun time with GCox. Also, your logic is slightly off. In a non-capped table, that player might be MORE cautious about calling/raising all-in. Also, the competition is likely better at a non-capped game, so this situation may not have even occurred. That said, I was playing for fun and to chill with G, and not money. It just so happened that I won $30+ anyway.

Chris, I avoid the LO8 games in the clubs because the stakes are too high for me right now, and I'm not sure how the competition is. LO8 can have some serious swings too.

NewinNov, thanks for the tips. I'll definitely take a look at the rain forest. I'm not sure about the timeshare presentation though. We'll see.


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