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I Get Unlucky Too!

In the last two Mookies, I busted with AA v. 99 preflop (I was shortstacked, but not desperately shortstacked) and AK v. AQ when I had about 1200 and was able to trick my opponent into thinking I was on a resteal. No big deal in either case. When I lost, I turned off FT, turned off the computer and spent some time away from the comp. In the end, I just had to tell myself that shit happens, and its better to have it happen in the Mookie for $10+1 than in a live game that can cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, in both instances, I felt good, because I knew that I got my money in with the best of it.

In some ways, my ease when dealing with these beats makes me prouder than my recent stellar results. In a lot of ways I feel as though my recent $3k win was not a sign of improvement in my game, but rather merely a sign that my game is good. The tournament had 167 players, and a couple of years ago when I still played penny stakes at Golden Palace Poker I took 1st twice and 2nd once three months in a row in a $1000 guaranteed freeroll tournament with about 167 players each time (although, the difference between a freeroll and a token tournament isn't lost on me). I mention this only to point out that while I might not win $3k a lot, I feel confident in my ability to win tournaments with that range of players. Anything under 200 players feels right to me. Something like 1000 players is a lot less attractive though, largely because of the additional time and focus required. Finally, even though the $3k win was long in coming, its damn fine for a man who doesn't play large MTTs. If I play 3 large MTTs a week, its been a very busy week. I'm all the more likely to be playing SNGs and random cash games.

And that's it for today's rambling. Now go piss off, you 99 and AQ donkeys!

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 3:32 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Hey! What did I tell you about that AA vs 99 thing? ;-)


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