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Upward and Onward

The march toward the WSOP Circuit events in December at the Harrahs in Atlantic City continues to march forward. After a grueling day of work yesterday, which consisted mostly of traveling and dealing with malcontent and chromosome-short Court clerks, I decided to join the weekly Roose Home Game. I've played there before, but if they play once a week, I may make one game a month, if I'm lucky. The trip out there is a bit of a pain in the ass, but following the $100 win at the 180-person SNG and the $500+ win at Dawn's homegame, I decided to make the trip. There were three other reasons to go, too. Wifey Kim was going to be watching the season finale of Project Runway at her friends apartment (as it turned out, it wasn't the finale), I need more live game practice, and Backer Scotty was going to be there.

The game at Roose's is a bit slow. The room is generally impaired, so action can sometimes slow to a crawl. For the most part, though, you just grin and bear it, since the game, while competitive, is not intended to be a hardcore "LET'S GET IT ON" time poker game. The table was actually quite full at 10 players. The thing about the Roose game, especially when you aren't there weekly, is that the players are so unpredictable. For the most part, the players have gotten exponentially better. I've mentioned Petey here before, but usually in reference to his newbie poker status and underdeveloped game. There are still holes left to be filled (like taking 10 minutes to make a simple fold), but his play overall is miles away from when it started. In one particular hand, he was able to fold an overpair to the flop, correctly guessing that I had a higher overpair. To a seasoned player, such a play is not amazing. It just goes with the ole, "Don't go broke on an overpair" saying. But to see Petey do it was just plain impressive.

I'm used to playing with the same 6 to 8 people at the Roose game, but there were some players that I was less familiar with. I'd played with Eric before, but last night he was just wild. He's the type of player who pushes with 78h preflop when he is barely a shortstack (and sometimes not short at all). On one hand, I like the aggression, especially with 78h as opposed to A7o. But on the other hand, he made the same play with T5h and some other questionable hands. Needless to say, at the next game with Eric, if he's pushing preflop, I'm calling with any Ace or any 20 hand (think blackjack people).

Joe was there, and I hadn't played with him in a long while. He was never one of the better players, but I've seen some big changes. Perhaps the biggest is the way he became a complete poker nut. Apparently, he spends many weekends in Atlantic City at the Hilton, where his highroller buddy has a suite comped regularly. He invited us all down for October 7 weekend, and I at first said that I couldn't make it...until I realized that I could. Wifey Kim will be in Connecticut having a girls' night out with her friends, so why not head to AC? I've been checking out rental car prices, but I have to admit, they all seem damn exhorbitant, like $250+ for Saturday afternoon to Sunday late afternoon. I'd hate to have to travel back to LI (an hour out of the way) and then back to NYC (another hour), but I may just have to do it. Unless, of course, any locals (cough cough I Had Outs cough cough) felt like going to AC on Saturday October 7th. Oh, and any advice on alternative transport like busses and trains would be greatly appreciated, my dear readers.

In the end, I ended up chopping 1st and 2nd place with Scotty, my future backer. Scotty is damn excited for the WSOP and even suggested that we go a bit higher, into the $1000 event. Mmmm...sounds good, sorta. I want about 1/2 of my action, and I don't necessarily want to put $500 on the line in one tourney just yet. But maybe I'll get lucky and they'll be some satellites, similar to the $50 satellites that Surflexus used to get into the $500 event. Of course, backer Scotty wouldn't bat an eye at putting more than 50% in, but I'd rather walk before I run. Who knows though. If the timing isn't right, I might have to play a $1000 event. Poor me.

That's is for now. I look forward to a relaxing night with wifey Kim tonight. Until then, make mine poker!

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At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might buy into a $2500 event next year. I've won a couple smallish re-buy events this year and I'm slaughtering the PLO tables at $50 and $100 max stakes. Also doing well with sports betting.

I'd do a smaller buy-in, but they seem like absolute donkfests so I'd rather spend the extra $2500.

Maybe I'll do the PLO event since everyone will be so geared toward Hold Em.

Good luck to ya, Jordan.


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