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It's amazing how I can manage to dissappoint myself two months in advance. After reviewing the Harrah's Atlantic City WSOP Circuit Event schedule, I found myself scratching my head. I had intended on playing two events, a $300 and a $500 buy-in. I had already set aside Monday through Wednesday on the office calendar as my vacation days, purely coincidentally. When I saw that the WSOP Circuit events would take place between Dec. 9 and 19, I figured I was in great shape to make it work. Sadly, reality set in when I got the final schedule.

Let me make this simple. The series starts on Saturday. My birthday is that Monday. The only $300 events are on Saturday and Sunday, followed by the $500 events on Monday (my birthday), Tuesday, and Wednesday. What does this all mean? Yeah, that's the perplexed part.

You see, to us degenerates, the idea of ditching your spouse for a WSOP Circuit event is not particularly off the wall. Ditching HER birthday is a whole other animal, and would never EVER cross my mind. But birthdays are a tricky proposition. Logically, we could celebrate on the weekend, and I can head up to AC on my birthday (Mon) and play on Tuesday ($500) and maybe Wednesday ($500). Of course, then I wouldn't be with wifey Kim on my birthday, and while I knew that there was something conceptually screwey with that situation, hearing her voice reminded me that it would be, in fact, a STUPID move. Just hearing her semi-resolving in with herself, I went on telephone tilt. If I'm in the game and I think of wifey Kim, I'll get down, and that won't help my game. Not one bit. So, Monday will be spent in NYC with the Misses. So far, so good.

That leaves me with two options. I can go up on Friday and play Saturday ($300) and retun on Sunday. This sounds like a good option, but damnit, I wanted to play a $500. Also, the weekends will have more people than usual there, and I kind of liked the idea of playing mid-week. Also the $300 have 45-minute levels, compared to the 60-minute $500 levels. It may seem like a minor thing, but I want to be able to play MY game, and for that, I need low blinds compared to the stacks.

Option 2 sees me heading to AC on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I'll be playing in the $500. On Thursday, I can potentially make the other $500 event. I'd be heading back on Friday. This, of course, requires more time off from work, but it could be worth it, since (a) I have vacation time, (b) the hotels will be cheaper, and (c) the tournament is more attractive to me.

Shit, it seems like a silly probably, especially 2 months in advance. But I just can't resolve it. I'm perplexed people. If anyone has any advice and/or knowledge regarding these WSOP events, hit me up with a comment or email. Until then, make mine poker!

posted by Jordan @ 2:21 PM,


At 3:48 PM, Blogger jjok said...

Ditch her on your birthday and buy her a car or something to make you feel better about it......

Ok, ok. Take the extra time from work and do it midweek.....there will be plenty of other criminals and lawsuits when you get back.

I'm excited for you man.....sounds fun!

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Sleech said...

Oh to have your dilemma. I like option 2

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post is a bunch of hogwash. Reading your posts, you are tighter than a ducks ass...and a ducks ass is waterproof. Now your talking about playing in $1000 worth of buy-ins???

Who are you kidding? Stop talking like some half-assed, WSOP regular and get back to your nincompoop postings about your nightly $11 wins.

- Anonymous King


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