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DADI 9 Results

Congratulations to the Myriad of Money Finishers at DADI 9: Back in the Saddle, our first foray into HORSE and Full Tilt! We had 43 players willing to compete in a five-game showdown. The ultimate winner: TRAUMAPOKER! Congratulations, Trauma! For his win, he gets an iPod Shuffle from, as well as the 1st place prize money. Chipper took me out, and so, whoever took Chipper out won a Revenge Bounty. As it turns out, this wasn't the smartest move in a tournament that has Hi/Lo games. So, who took out Chipper? Trauma...I think. Maybe CJ the Luckbox too, according to Trauma last night. And since I get to figure it all out, the prize money was split. Congratulations again to Trauma, and to CJ, whether or not he actually knocked out Chipper!

Second place went to Drizz! For his efforts, he wins 800 VPP Points from The VPP Points can be used for a variety of gift certificates and poker-related merchandise. Third place went to CJ (who, apparently, has never Not Moneyed in a Blogger HORSE event), and the Bubble finisher was PatchMaster. They both win 400 VPP Points coming to them.

There was a bounty on VPP_Dave. I don't know who knocked him out, but hopefully we'll get that info soon. If it was more than one person, generally the Hi hand wins. The Trust is withholding the decision pending further review.

For all the winners, please contact me at HighOnPokr AT yahoo DOT commissary to claim your prizes!

Thanks again to and, loyal supporters of DADI and the Blogging Community. Thank you also to all who came out and joined us.

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At 11:03 AM, Blogger Dave said...

No wonder both of those guys wanted to GANK me. I had no idea there was a bounty on my head. Actually, I was the one who donked it up thinking that my flopped set would hold up to low-ballers hitting a straight. For this, I donked my self out of the tourney - I didn't need their help. Regardless - fun tourney. I managed to survive about 6 all-ins, 8 disconnects and go from 300 chips in the first 10 minutes to as high as 6th. Perhaps I'll money next time.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Jordan, kickass tournament last night as always.
Btw I believe it was Wes who knocked out VPP Dave. You can check with him to confirm, but it was at my table and I'm pretty sure that was it.

Thanks for setting up as always. Someone should do a regular HORSE game for the blogger crew.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Chipper, you had no idea? I kept typing "$11 BOUNTY ON CHIPPER" whenever you were in a hand. I figured by the end that it was pretty annoying, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knew.

Hoy, I've emailed Wes. Thanks.

At 12:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, it was Wes that kocked me out (although I was on my last legs, he didn't need to do much). Everything has already been squared with him, if the others who won VPP points want to sign up for an account at (if you are not already a member) and shoot me a PM (DaveW) to let me know, I'll add the points to your account. Let me know if you have any questions.

It was a fun game, my first time doing a horse event (and it showed!)

At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done everyone!


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