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Bon Voyage

SONUVABITCH! Without reason, my desktop computer decided to shut off, leaving my epic blogger post in the epic shitter. So, let's try this again, quickly, with typos, and little thought.

While you are barbecuing and trying not to lose a limb while handling small explosives, I'll be drinking Red Stripe and nursing a sun burn in beautiful Jamaica. The flight leaves tomorrow at 7:30am, so I anticipate a very rough morning. But, I do have my Sunday to pack and relax. I wish I could say the same about Saturday, but wifey Kim's friend asked us to help her move in a few weeks ago, and wifey Kim agreed. They had movers, so I couldn't figure out what we would be doing. I mean, it's not like I'm going to unpack their clothing or put away their dishwear. I wouldn't even know where that shit went. So instead, I made sure that the couch was in the right position by parking my ass and watching the Fucking French (as they are officially called) beat Brazil and my only chance of recovering some of my $40 in World Cup losses. If you recall, just a few weeks ago, I was contemplating quitting my job to become a professional World Cup bettor. Fortunately, my anal retentiveness prevented me from redepositing after I lost my winnings and the initial $40 stake. But, one more time now, Fuck the Fucking French! Just saying that is getting me excited for Deadwood.

So, in anticipation of my day of couch-sitting, I decided to wake up extra early to carve some time out for myself. My day started at 8am, when I went down to the gym to do some running and watch some vapid television. After showering, I fired up Stars to finish my $50 reload bonus. Unfortunately, the PLO8 tables were full. In the meanwhile, I channeled my inner Felicia and decided to try some Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. I fired up two tables of 2/4 limit, and after an hour, won about $120! I was hitting cards, but I was also playing extremely well, making tough calls, and pushing my strong draws. At one point, a player even said, "Leave some for the rest of the table."

Once I was done with my bonus, I decided to seek more bonus opportunities. My new iPod kicks ass, but I'd like to buy some more music from iTunes. On that note, any suggestions for Podcasts would be appreciated too. I already have the Full Tilt, Cardplayer and Lord Admiral podcasts, but I'm looking for some more, be them poker or non-poker related.

Since I want more music from iTunes and I'm a cheapskate opportunist, I went to Vegas Poker Pro to choose my next promotion and stumbled upon Interpoker, a sponsor at this very site (and the only one I haven't played at). If that reason wasn't enough, I was also interested in Interpoker because of the low 250 raked hands requirement. I cleverly deposited $50, which will earn me the $50 100% bonus in exactly 250 hands as well. I then deposited $300 more, so that I had dough to work with. If I had deposited the $350 at once, I would've gotten a $100 bonus (100% up to $100), but screw that! As soon as I'm done with the 250 hands, I'm packing up and shipping out, with my $50 bonus in tow.

I felt like changing things up, so I sat down for some $1/2 7 Card Stud. I'm no stud pro. In fact, I dislike the game, mostly because it takes an amount of concentration and memory that I am not naturally gifted in. Instead of worrying about that, though, I openned two more 7CS tables, and decided to just play my good hands. Good indeed, because after a half hour, I was up another $25, for a $145 far.

We headed out to LI to help wifey Kim's friends, and when we were done, he headed back to the city. Later that night, while wifey Kim packed for Jamaica, I fired up the computer once again. I played some (British Pound) .25/.50 NL at Interpoker, but then realized that it was not maximizing my bonus whoring. You get 1 point for every $1 raked per hand. The thing is, when you are playing Pounds (BPs), you get 1 point per BP. But BPs are worth 1.6 $s, so in the end, I was earning bonus slower and playing at higher stakes. Well, screw that. Down $5.50 (I converted it), I left the BP room and fired up what eventually became three .50/1 NL rooms. Success all around, because after thirty minutes, I was up $140!! I was also about 25% done with the bonus at Interpoker after less than one day.

The fun didn't stop there either. I played an MTT at Interpoker for $11, but donked out. I then played at Full Tilt in a Peep Sex turbo with Veneno. I placed 6, good for $14 ($5.30 profit). I played one last single table SNG ($11) at FT, and took third for another $7 profit. At that point, a blogger cash game had started up at Stars, so I joined an illustrious group, where I ran up from $25 to $68. I was waiting for Maudie to jump in, knowing full well that it was really time to sleep. The problem with these bloggers are that they will reload without fear, so it was a long wait for a seat to open. I finally gave up, relinquishing my seat to Maudie, after relinquishing most of my profit to CJ and SLB159.

And then I drifted into sleep, with visions of pot fields and reggae music dancing through my head.

Here's a fun fact. In 2005, Bob Marley's body was exhumed from its grave in Jamaica and moved to Ethopia, his adopted home land!

So, today I have to finish packing and hopefully get some poker in (hopefully, my ass!). Since you won't have anything to read here for a while, take a gander at the links on the right. If you are desperate for some High on Poker, definitely check out the archives and Notable Posts.

Finally, I present to you the paper that earned me a C+ in Computer Law. I've made it into a separate post because of length, and also so that I can refer to it later without forcing people to read about some distant vacation. So, use THIS LINK or check the previous post.

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At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny that you mention your grade and why you think you got the grade you did, because I wrote a very similar paper on the Psychology of Poker and got the same grade for the same reason.

Damn those professors who don't know that gambling is good for them.

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great time!

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Rod said...

You wrote THAT after losing it?

I have lost some blogs and it just sucks the life out of me trying to recreate it.


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