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Simul-Blogging: Saturday MTTs

Hi folks. I find that blogging while I play actually helps me make more responsible decisions. It may have to do with the fact that I have stuff to do between hands; it may have to do with a feeling of accountability. Whatever the case, I'm currently in the 10am $5 Rebuy MTT on Noble, and the action has been fishy as ever. I lost a hand early when I flopped 2-pair and check-raised all-in. The table has been loose, and someone called with an overpair. He runner runner two-paired to beat me. I had 170 and raised all-in with 66. I was called by a bunch of players, flop the 6 and had 985. I've since then chipped up, mostly by preying on the weak. I called all-in with KQ preflop in one hand because one push monkey had pushed in several hands in a row and showed 68s and the like. He had QJ this time and I doubled up. So here we are. I have 4k or so, and I'm one of the table chip leaders. We are almost an hour in and I'm back to healthy.

10:58- Someone pushes for $2500 right before the add-on break and I call with JJ. He has TT and I'm at 7,125, with only one other player near me in chips. The rest have 3,500 or less. Feels good. I plan on tightening up until the break (maybe 2 hands) and then kicking it in gear after, when everyone has tightened up. Meanwhile, wifey Kim has called me to ask me to buy some tickets to Kelly Clarkson. /sarcastic/ Yeah! I'm going to Kelly Clarkson! /end sarcastic/ (Meanwhile, as she calls, my heart is beating out of my chest, and I'm all, "CAN WE DISCUSS THIS LATER!")

10:59- My AA changes my plans. I push after someone makes a 3x raise. I push all-in and get called by a player with 3,850. He has KT and fails to improve. I'm now the table chipleader with just over 10k. Oh yeah, and wifey Kim called back. Thankfully, she got her friends to agree to go, so I'm saved! Looks like I'll be playing some poker July 12th. Although, once again, I'm all, "RIGHT NOW!!")

11:00- It's add-on time, and I opt to pay the $5 for 1k in extra chips. It's probably unnecessary, but what the hell. What do you think? Skip it here? We started with 236 players, and are down to 136. I'm in 4th! Go me. Top 30 pay, but the good money starts at 9th place.

11:09- I fold my small and big blind to huge bets. I expected players to slow down. Now I don't know what to expect. Blinds are 100/200. I hav 11,600.

11:11- KQ in the CO. One limper, and I raise to 4x the BB (800). BB calls. The flop is all unders. I bet 1k (he has 2200 left) and take it down. 12,700.

11:16- Blinds are 150/400. KQs UTG, and I limp. If I raise someone is going all-in. Their stacks are too short. 1500 raise from the button, and I opt to fold. UTG+1 pushes for 4k. Button calls and he has KQh to UTG+1's J9s. Suckers. The Q hits, and the button doubles up.

11:19- QJ on the BB. Button calls, SB folds. I check. Its a Q-high flop and I check. He bets the minimum and I raise to 4x the BB (1200). He folds. I'm at 13k after I fold my SB.

11:20- 88 in the CO. It's raised to 1800 by the time it gets to me by the guy who raise big with KQh. I fold, just to be safe. Everyone else does too. Just bought Kelly Clarkson tickets. Ticketmaster is the devil, charging about 8 different hidden service charges. What service do they provide anyw

11:26- 200/400 blinds. 36o in the BB and one limper (the SB folded). There is a 3 on the J-high flop and I bet 600. The limper folds. I fold 37s in the SB facing a min raise. 89o on the button. I take a long time and min raise, trying to look like I'm milking from the blinds. BB pushes, and I look the fool. 12,450. No more bluffing.

11:33- I limp with KQh UTG. The button is in the hand too. All low cards on the flop. I call the SB's min bet after the BB calls. The turn is a third spade, and I fold to the min bet from the SB. So does everyone else. 11,250. 87o in the BB, which I fold to a MP all-in. I would've straighted against JJ and QQ. Oh well. KJo in the SB, and a loose player min raises. I want to play it. CO calls. Let's gamble. I call. I fold once I miss the flop. 10,450. I try to remind myself that these losses are minor, but I need to start collecting more chips. I chicken out and fold A3o on the button, instead of raising.

11:38- 300/600. I raise to 2400 with 55 in CO+1. One caller has 90 left, and 93o. He hits his 9, but I river a 5. 11,440. Min raise with A8o in MP. I take it down. Aggression is key. 12,340.

11:42- ATo in the SB. I'm 2nd chip leader. Most players are severely short stacked. Checks to me and I push. The BB calls with 2,910 and QT. I win. 15,250. I'm moved to a new table. Damn! I'm 3rd chipleader here, but most players have over 10k. 56 players left, and I'm at around 12th place.

11:47- 400/800 blinds. I get Q5o in the BB. One limper and the SB. 247 flop, and I bet 1600. I get one caller. I bet 2400 and he calls on the 8 turn. The river makes a flush possible. I check, he bets, I fold. NO MORE BLUFFING! At least the river made it look like maybe I had something and got scared. I was trying to represent 2-pair the entire way. 10k. ATo in the SB and I push when it folds to me. I have the BB covered. He folds. 11,250. 49 left, and I'm hoping to make the money now, but I really want to chip up and make a move for the good dough.

11:51- ATo in CO+1. I min raise. BB is shortstack and flat calls. Ace high flop. He calls with 2nd pair (89, 9 on the board), but turns 2-pair. 6,722. I'm in the Rule of 10. 45 players left. I'm in 36th.

11:55- 500/1000 blinds, and I'm in a bucket-load of trouble. Here goes nothing. I push all-in with AJh UTG. I get one caller, AKo. I lose, 42nd place. I don't dislike the move. The game for me fell apart when I was sucked out AT v. 89. That is part of tournament poker though. Of course, the bluffing was a mistake too.

Time for the Deep Stack tourney on Poker Stars. Catch you all later!

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At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the live blogging, yo.

Oh, and I would've gone to Kelly Clarkson if there were any probability for an upskirt shot, yo.

I'm guessing you didn't cash.


At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelly Clarkson? Ouch. I scored Radiohead tickets this morning instead. I loved the live blogging, too.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to the Northeast Georgia Regional Calf-Pulling satellite with the boys tonight. Nothing like trying to playing with horse placentae with the boys...


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