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What a Night

Coming off of my $650 win in Atlantic City, I was a tad hesitant to get back to my online game. My play just prior to the trip saw me losing a good chunk of my annual profit online, while I swelled my live bankroll. This is a common occurence in House of High. I'll either be on a tear live and get whooped online, or vice versa. There is a lot that I could write on the difference between the two, but that's for another post. Right now, I just want to bask in the glory.

Another $72 was added to the bankroll last night, with a little bit of Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and a couple of Rios. All compliments of the horrible players on Noble poker (signup code: HighPoker, with no "on"), where the action is softer than Country Crock.

I first sat down for a Rio and a Mini-Step 3 on Party. Let me say that I will need to have my head examined if I try for another Party Step system. I've been bouncing between 1st and 4th Step for a while, and I was actually glad to be out first and loose any replay tokens. The hand saw me in the SB with JTo. It was folded to me and I completed the BB. The BB raised, and I assumed it was a steal, or at least that I had two potentially live cards. In the end, I was willing to lay down the hand post-flop, until it came down, KxJdTd. Of course, I check, expecting his continuation bet. He makes it and I raise. He re-raises, and knowing I'm at Party, I push. He calls with AQ, his flopped straight vs. my flopped two-pair. And that's all she wrote.

Meanwhile, I placed 3rd in the Rio, for a sweet $1 profit. A little while later, I decided to play a quick game while wifey Kim was on the phone. I sign on and decide on some .25/.50 PLO8, mostly because there is always a ton of action in these games, and I can earn my bonus quickly. Sure enough, my estimation is right, and I decide to open two windows to really capitalize on the soft action. I wait for solid scoop hands like A245 and AKQJ and my strategy mostly pays off. I'm willing to raise big, which often induces calls because players think you are trying to push them off of hands in this game. By the time I'm done, I'm up $29 or so on one table and $5 or so on the other.

It's time for another break, but when I return, I have to go back to the PLO8 action. Sure enough, the games are still going. I'm treading water, up $2 or so, when I feel the urge to Rio. So Rio it is. Fast forward a bit. I'm still up my $2 in the PLO8, but I also take down the Rio for an easy $37 profit, along with a new streak started.

And that was all. I had a good night of poker, profit-wise. I played well overall. I could almost feel the leftover confidence from my AC trip.

I can only hope to continue the trend tonight. The wifey was half-miffed at my desire to play in the Mookie, no offense Mookie, its the poker, not you. It's really about Lost, the best show on television. So tonight, I'll be playing the first 30 minutes of the Mookie a bit distracted. Yes, I know it starts at 10pm EST, but DVR and wifey Kim's plans to have dinner with a friend means that we start Lost at 9:30...

The boss man seems to be taking an interest in me today, so I'm cutting this short. See you when I see you.

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At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Tom said...

Are there any good reads on PLO? They are such soft games but I'm either very unlucky or very donkish because I never profit. In fact, it's usually my pocket pair boat losing to a bigger pocket pair boat and stuff like that which busts me, so I got frustrated and gave up.

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Jordan from HighOnPoker said...

Tom, you just hit on the hardest part of the game, losing monster hands to bigger monster hands. But if your hand selection is tight, it can be a very profitable game. You want to play hands that can scoop, so I'm always interested in hands that have an Ace and 2 other cards between Two and Five. If the Ace is suited, then even better. Otherwise, I love high hands with an Ace and two or more cards between Ten and King, with the fourth card as a Two to Four. If I don't have the Two to Four, but have four cards between Ace and Ten, then I'll go for it, hoping that no low hits. When you do hit those hands, you are usually safe from lows anyway, so it pays nice.

I'm uber aggressive if I have flopped a top or middle set on a board that can't make a flopped straight, or if I flop as straight. I want the other players to put their money in when I'm currently ahead or lay it down. It's easy to fall in love with a straight and lose to a flush, but if they are going to hit their flush, I'm going to raise pot first and make them pay for it.

It may be a bit of luck, but I think if you are cautious and fold a lot, it can be a profitable game. At the very least, it's easy to earn bonuses.

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

"So tonight, I'll be playing the first 30 minutes of the Mookie a bit distracted."

You really expect to make it past the first 30 minutes ? Ha...I kid, I kid..

See you on there tonight.

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous drizztdj said...

Stop making me want to redeposit to Noble/Titan.

How many O8 games do they have going (assume playing at 8-11pm CST)?

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Jordan from HighOnPoker said...

Drizz, it is usually spotty in the PLO8 games, but yesterday they had 2 .25/.50 Full Ring tables going all night, from 8pm until midnight. Usually, there is just one table.

You know whats up Drizz. It's like being an Olympic swimmer in a kiddie pool. Most of the time, they'll be at least 4 out of 10 players with the minimum buy-in, $10, and they'll push on mediocre hands that you can call because you have them covered so much. The players are constantly leaving, so there are new players coming in all of the time, also for shortstacks. I've heard people complain about the shortstacks, but I love them. They offer controlled opportunities, like calling the $2 preflop raise, because you know that if you hit, you can get their other $8, and if you end up losing, it's only another $8.


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