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Bonus Galore!

I've been lax on mentioning it, but I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention the plethora of bonuses out there waiting to be reaped.

I've discussed the benefits of Vegas Poker Pro and Poker Source Online on many occassions in the past, but my recent foray into bonus clearing at Noble, with their oh so buttery action, has distracted me from my usual sources of bonus madness. That, and the fact that I completed just about all of the available VPP and PSO bonuses really made VPP and PSO fall to the wayside. But I've always been a loyalist to both of these companies, and their new makeovers and promos are hard to beat.

For new readers who have never heard about VPP and PSO, allow me to explain. Both are sites that offer players several benefits. The first is the extra bonus they throw in when you sign up for a poker room through them. For instance, if you are interested in trying out a new room, you can sign up through VPP or PSO, and once you finish a certain amount of raked hands or player points, VPP/PSO will send you a prize of your choosing. You can always choose poker chips, a poker table top, or gift certificates (as well as many other choices), but for my buck, you want to get the VPP or PSO points. VPP has a new VPP Points system (formerly they only offered goods for finishing a promo), and PSO has had a points system for a while. With the VPP or PSO Points, you can go to their respecitve VPP/PSO Point stores and buy a slew of items. I highly recommend "buying" the poker gift certificates for anyone trying to pump up their bankroll. Otherwise, for those looking to "withdraw" funds for the benefit of family or loved ones without actually hurting your bankroll or even feeling the sting, get the Amazon giftcards or Bestbuy giftcards and tell your loved one to go buck wild. Last night wifey Kim was a bit down after the washing machine ruined a shirt. "Aw, honey. Is there anything you would like to buy from for $30?" "I guess so. I can find something I need." "Then have at it. I'll cash in my Points and give you the gift certificate." Problem solved.

I personally earned $350 (or was it more) in Bestbuy giftcards that went toward my big screen TV, as well as a poker table top and PokerTracker. I've probably had about $100 or more in Amazon giftcards too. Bonus whore, indeed.

So, both rooms now have new poker promos. For PSO, I plan on doing their PokerShare promo, the only new promo that I haven't done there. I have 1000 PSO points presently, so with the 9000 points I will earn from that site, I'll have enough for a $100 Party Poker giftcard, which I can withdraw from Party immediately. Sweet!

For VPP, the possibilities are endless. Their new rooms include 9nine (? I don't know the site, but I'll play it for VPP Points), InterPoker, CDPoker,, and Poker4Ever. I know, who are these guys? Doesn't make a difference. If I don't plan on staying there long, I'll earn my bonus, take the VPP points, and call it a day. The plan is to finish three promos for 2250 VPP Points (750 per promo) and get me an iPod Nano (1800 points). With the leftover 450 points, I may get a $25 iTunes giftcard (400 pts) or let it build up with some other promos and get a larger gift certificate. All this without having to withdraw a dime from online poker.

In case I didn't make it clear, on top of all the points, you get your usual sign up bonus from the sites.

If you are interested, I can also offer a lot of guidance as to the easiest bonuses to clear and ways to clear bonuses quickly without putting a lot of money at risk.

Now, have at it you rascals! And enjoy your boni!

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At 9:10 AM, Anonymous clrusso said...

Did you get to watch Lost?

(The Mistress feels the same way about poker on Lost night. I've had to declare Wednesdays a poker free night, at least until she goes to bed.)

Anyway, what a great episode. I won't give anything away, in case you haven't seen it yet, but let me say it's almost worth only getting two or three new episodes at a time.

At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Dornie said...

Hey man, I appreciate the props...I am so glad I noticed the better way to do it...I am going to get a couple more to go towards a new Flat Screen monitor that supports 1600x1200 res. so I can run four tables and probably lose a lot more than i do now...If you don't mind, would you drop me a link on your sidebar for my blog...thanks

At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Tom said...

This PSO you speak of sounds promising. Lucky for me, I now have a new PC with only Noble installed on the HD so I may be able to use most of these sites. Also, notice my name has changed from garish gray to has-a-blog-blue. Oooh.

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Jordan from HighOnPoker said...

Tom, welcome to the wonderful world of blue font! If you are going to sign up for PSO, please feel free to use referral code HighOnPoker or click on the text BELOW the PSO banner on my page, or CLICK HERE!

Lost. Well, Superb, as always. It made me play Mookie's tournament half-assed though. I'll get to that later.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous hoyazo said...

Hey Jordan, just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed your AC posts. Part 4 of course being the best, because I love hearing about people ripping shit up at the poker tables. I love your descriptions of the winning hands and of the other players man, it is really great stuff.

Someday I will join PSO. For now I only ever use stars, party and full tilt, and I'm doing ok. But I hardly ever chase bonuses, maybe because I tend to focus almost exclusively on MTTs and very rarely cash games.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Jordan from HighOnPoker said...

Thanks Hoyazo. I really appreciate the kind words, especially about the AC posts. I find them to be the hardest to write because after doing something for several days without sleep it's difficult to come back and write it all. I always worry that those travel logs will be a bit nonsensical to someone who is not there, so I'm glad you liked it. If you haven't read my past trip reports, under Notable Posts Trip Reports Index. Ah hell, just CLICK HERE for a short cut.


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