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Hazy Thursday, Great Friday

I can't help it folks. When people say its Good Friday, the saying just pops into my head: "Good Friday! Hell, its Great Friday!" I guess its akin to when I'm sitting under the gun and the dealer points to the SB and BB and says, "Small blind, big blind..." I always chime in with, "and I'm the huge blind! Hugest blind you've ever seen." I'm just low brow like that.

I've been missing out on a lot of blogger tournaments lately. They've been proliferating, what with the WPBT, DADI, Mookie's weekly, and the WWdn tournaments. Its almost maddening, because I'll sign up after wifey Kim is asleep and invariably, everyone is an hour into a tournament while I'm kicking myself for missing out. Last night was an exception however, as I sat down at a blogger only private tourney hosted by Veneno in conjunction with the Heads Up Challenge 3 finals. Congratulations to Will Wonka on his HUC3 win! He was one of the originals from the first Heads Up Challenge (of which I was founder and Commissioner) so it was great to see one of the originals take it down. I didn't get to watch the match, but I'm sure he faced stiff competition from FishyMcDonk, a mainstay in these new crop of blogger games.

The HUC3 private "lounge" tournament, arranged by Veneno, was a great idea. Basically, it was just another private tourney, but it coincided with the HUC3 finals. There were 12 players, and, well, I came in 10th. But it was on a suckout by Weak Player, with my AQ vs his A9. I was playing a different brand of poker against the table, slipping into some manic habits. I saw about 30% of the flops, and was doing my best to be erratic and control the table. As a result, I went from chipleader to last place, to middle of the pack, to last place, to top 3, and so forth. Basically, when you play a lot of hands, you see large swings. The over-aggression was working though, and because of it, I was able to get Weak to call my all-in with his A9. In the hand, I was in the SB and he was in the BB. I believe I raised pre-flop, which happened a lot. I had about 1k and the blinds were 50/100 so I raised to 300. He called. I missed the flop, which was all low cards, and maybe a pair, like 525. I decided to push because I thought he would assume I was bluffing. I was, but I knew he would call me with a WIDE range of hands that included hands I could beat, because I was relentless. I also knew that he could fold the hand easily too. He called me with A9, I cheered and typed "booya" and then lost on the turn. I've said it before, but not on this blog: Jordan's rule for celebrating is to celebrate right away, so that when you get sucked out on, at least you had that little moment of joy! I don't mind losing to a suckout anyway. It just means that I got in with the best of it.

In other news, the 45-person SNG Challenge has ended. The winner...Poker Champ! Yes, even after he ceased to exist, the Champ continued playing, well, like a Champ. Congratulations to him and our 2nd and 3rd place finishers (and two guys who seem to be making a tear in the win department) DrewsPop and Kaellinn. I played my 14th (and, in this case, last) 45-person SNG last night. I had lost all but one of the prior 13, so I needed to 1st place wins or thereabout to make it ITM in our Challenge. I decided to stop the $10+1 tourneys and just go buckwild in the $1. I pushed left and right, showing my 26o or whatever crap hand I had. It was fun tilting an entire table. And for $1, it was affordable. I lost when some jackass sucked out my 47c with JJ! By the way, I believe the $1 45p set up my mood to play ultra-aggressive in the HUC3 lounge tourney. So, um, maybe I'll avoid that situation in the future.

Other things? Why yes! The DADI 5 is coming up, and we need your help! Spread the good word, people. Use the banner below, or the one on TripJax's site, because we need over 50 players just to send one blogger/reader to the WSOP. Take a look at the DADI website for details.

Finally, I got my first dial-a-shot ever last night, and it was from AlCantHang himself! I hear whenever Al makes a dial-a-shot, an angel gets its wings! Al, it was a pleasure talking to you. Rock on!

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At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow..we lost our Dial-a-shot cherry on the same night!

Al is pretty awesome!

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the meantime, if you're looking for good content updated on a regular basis until I get settled in the hew house, click the link to AJ's blog on the right, as well as Rizen's blog. There are about 10 or so that I ready on a semi-regular basis, but I check these two daily.

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 2006, I will be travelling to Las Vegas to play in the WSOP. I don't have $10,000 to play in the Main Event, so I will choose a preliminary event to play in. Something intuitive is steering me away from the no-limit Texas Hold 'Em games that are offered in abundance at the WSOP. This is the game everybody is playing these days, and I would rather spend my time on a specialty.
After much thought, I've decided to reignite my interest in Stud Poker and play in one of the WSOP's Stud events. On July 5th, 2006 is a Seven Card Stud WSOP tournament at the Rio in Las Vegas. The buy-in is $1,500, and it is the tenth of 44 total WSOP tournaments


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