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Foot in My Fingers

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the WWDN tournament on PokerStars, a weekly $10+1 event hosted by Will Wheaton. I look forward to joining the game in the future, but last night I was about an hour too late, so instead I went about following TripJax from table to table. To spice things up, I offered a $5 Bounty on his head. I thought it might give him some action, but more importantly, it was fun putting a price on Trip's head. I eventually announced that the bounty was off if Trip made the final table because, at that point, I didn't want to do anything but cheer him on. And besides, once the players made $20+ at the final table, my $5 wouldn't matter much to them (and still would matter a lot to me).

I have to say, when I railbird, especially under the influence of namesake, I can sometimes be a bit chatty. Unfortunately, a lot of my comments come out terribly wrong in type. That is why I must apologize to G-Rob. His pic was of his daughter, but in my addled state, I thought it was Jon Benet Ramsey. I mean, she was a blond girl with a white cowboy hat. We don't see people like that in NYC, and I never thought of G-Rob as a family man, per se, so I thought it was just a little inappropriate irreverence on his part. Boy did I look like the horse's ass.

I did it again too. Much later, I look at the tourney and G-Rob is slaughering the competition. I type, "Damn that girl can play pokah!" referring to the pic again. I can't help but think when I see a pic on Stars that the person playing IS the pic. I mean, its obviously not true, but there it is, a little kid with 30K in chips, when the nearest competition has 8K. G-Rob and someone asked responded by asking who I meant, and whether I meant G-Rob. At that point nothing I said would sound right. Clearly, typing takes out a lot of the vocal cues in stupid comments, and all you are left with is, well, a stupid comment. I kept my mouth shut.

In a seperate chat window, Trip said, "That' s hysterical. You did it twice!" He was reacting to my comment to him about how I just put my foot in my mouth agian. I responded, "Yeah. I didn't mean to insult G-Rob or his daughter in any way. I mean, at first I just thought he was a sick fuck using Jon Benet's pic. Now I realize that I'm the sick fuck."

So, um, sorry G-Rob.

I also may have made an ass of myself by pimping this here blog. I mentioned the DADIII event at the final table because a couple of people, including kaellin (aka MattOnPoker), Trip, Sir Waffle, and some other players hadn't signed up yet (DoubleAs and Surflexus have, though. What star power!). One person asked what DADIII was, and I tried to explain. Finally I ended it with my and Trip's URLs, since this way they could get the back story. After, I realized that I sounded like a shill for my own site. Of cource, Waffle was there to point that out to me. Thanks, Waffle, ya prick!

On that note, congrats to Waffle for a first place finish! You can say a lot of things about Waffle, but one thing is for sure: the proof is in the puddin'. He is great at MTTs and I'd suggest even greater in blogger MTTs. I don't know if it makes him play better, or people play worse against him if they know who he is (or he knows who they are), but either way, he continues to place high in these blogger events. For that, he has my admiration.

A big congratulations to MattOnPoker for placing in 3rd. Matt is a low limit player, so I'm sure he is ecstatic about the shot to the bankroll.

Another congratulations to TripJax, who placed in 4th. Yep. 3 out of 4 of the top spots went to these fine individuals. They all played well, and I commend them for their efforts.

But I'm no slouch. Last night I played in three turbo SNGs on Stars, placing 1st, 2nd and 7th. The two ITM finishes were in $6 games, and (go figure) the loss was in a $16 game, but overall, I won last night. My play was solid until that final game, when I was willing to commit most of my chips pre-flop to 99. Foolish boy! I ran into a higher pair and the rest, as they say, is stupidity. In the earlier games, I played tight, moving from 1500 to 2000 or so early on when decent hands hit. I never let them go to showdown because, frankly, each new card is another chance to be sucked out on. Early, I want to slowly chip up without exposing myself too much (or make them pay big bucks to draw out on me). When the blinds get to 50/100 or so, I start stealing blinds from the button, SB and CO. No one thinks I'm stealing because thus far I don't. Early in the game, I don't need to steal the 60 BB, but I'll take the 100 BB because usually by then, I can use the chips. I push hard when I have a solid hand and eventually get aggressive when we are down to 5 players or so. All the while, I keep in mind that I do not want to be all-in, because one error all-in and its over. Of course, I still follow the Rule of 10 (less than 10x the BB and I either go all-in or fold unless I can check in the BB). Sometimes, if a lot of the stacks are short in a turbo, I'll skip the Rule of 10 though, because a min raise will do the same thing.

I'm looking forward to Lost tonight and some more pokery action. See you at the tables. I'll be the guy at the Turbo SNGs.

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At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But I'm no slouch."

Don't sell yourself short Jordan, you're a tremendous slouch.

Anytime I see or hear someone say they are no slouch, I have to throw that CaddyShack quote out there.

Hey man, first thanks for railing the tourney and making it that much more fun to play in. That was cool.

Second, thanks for the kudos in the post. Very cool too.

I'm sure G-Rob is all good knowing it was just for fun...

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, Jordan. I'm definitely stoked about the shot to the bankroll, especially since I was playing with my last $11! Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to make the DADI tourney. My wife's mom and sister are coming in to town that night, so I will probably be doing family things. I look forward to the next one though!

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Jordon! Always nice to be called a prick. Will pimp your DADIIII anyways. lol. It was fun, and while I am not "great" yet, I think I am off to a good start. Imagine how insufferable I will be if I win a 4K tourney or more, lol.

BTW - My bankroll was down to 130ish when I entered Wil's tourney so its a nice shot to my bankroll too! Kudos to all the other great players at the table.

Also, in a 16$ SNG, 99 isnt always bad. More of a style issue. Do you want to risk everything on a 50/50 at best or do you have enough chips to trust yourself and outplay your opponents post-flop.

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm retarded. My wife's mother and sister are coming into town THIS Friday, not next Friday. If all works out, I should be playing.


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