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You Decide #22- Curse of the Snowmen

This You Decide has a great tie-in to my last post, Snowmen. It also is a nice look at the terrible players at Hollywood Poker, a favorite topic of mine. Check out how my terrible play negates their terrible plays in this episode of You Decide.

You Decide #22
I am in a 5-person .50/.50 PL Hold'Em game on Hollywood. The players are terrible. Don't believe me? Just watch. The UTG limps. I bet to $2. Button calls. SB calls. BB folds. UTG is all-in for his remaining .95.

The flop is AT6, rainbow. Doesn't look good. SB checks. I think about how I know better than everyone else who commented about my Snowmen post and bet $4! The button calls, and everyone else folds.

The turn is T, pairing the board and creating a club flush draw. You players don't know squat, so I bet $5. I sweat a bit when he calls.

Imagine my surprise when the board pairs again, with a 6. No flush though. I act first, so I check. He checks too. And....I WIN!

See, Snowmen aren't so bad.

Clearly my play was poop. This player also clearly has brain damage. Now, everybody give your opinions about how I played like crap and got lucky. You won't hear any argument from me.

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At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like that line... very well played (lol)

At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I call them "The Crazy Eighty-Eight." Ever see Kill Bill?

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh... you got lucky :) what did the other guy have??

At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did the other guy have? Um, no skills, apparently. He mucked.


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