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Cutting Losses

Wifey Kim looked over to me. The glow from the computer screen lit up her face. I sat low in the couch, clicking the remote, searching for something worthy of the Hi-Def goodness that is Sparky. Yes, I named my new TV. "You haven't blogged since December 2nd!" Wha? When did she start reading this crap! God bless that adorable woman.

I've began the process of completing outing my blogger status. When I first started writing, I asked Dr. Pauly for some words of wisdom. He offered some good advice, including these two fine gems: (1) Write daily. It helps keep readers and allows you to practice. (2) Write for at least a month before you tell anyone you know.

Great advice Pauly. I waited a little over a month before I told some select friends and family. I am now openning the floodgates because I've got something here that I am very proud of. It's wonderful seeing that I am the 8th Most Popular Poker Blogger according to or that I was named Blog of the Week on But to me it is a real thrill (and a bit odd) when I find out that someone I actually know from the real world reads this stuff. So with that in mind, let me thank and welcome Wifey Kim, Dave Roose, Robbie Hole, Dave Ruff, Mikey Aps, Mao, J-Dubs, bro-in-law Marc and whoever else reads this without me knowing. I'm sure most of them check this thing out once a month or less, but that is probably for the best. I don't need them knowing everything about what I'm doing at every moment.

But, onto poker. I've continued running poor at Hollywood poker. I just finished the 300 pts I need to earn my $50 Best Buy gift certificate from Vegas Poker Pro. Rumor has it wifey Kim's mom and grandpa are giving us $200 in gift cards too. Dizzamn. That'll get me the cheapo surround sound system I need to accompany my muy expensivo TV. I don't know jack about stereos, so any advice is highly appreciated.

I hate to admit it, but I've donked about $300 at Hollywood. That is a severe blow to my once $760 bankroll. Fortunately, the blow was lessened by a $100 gift cert to Party Poker via Poker Source Online. Now do you see why I do these promos? They can be a boon or a life saver to your bankroll. The $300 swing was also made easier due to the $300+ I won on Carribean Sun Poker while I was earning my PSO bonus there. Yep, I get around.

So, here was the problem with Hollywood. Donkeys. Donkeys galore. I mean, it was a Donkey orgy! And worst of all, the Donkeys were catching. I hit top pair, and they call with two overs, hitting it on the turn. I hit two pair or a set and they call me down to hit their inside straight draw. I have an overpair and they hit a set. Insert cliche suckout here.

Boo hoo hoo! I should go buy some Maxi-Strength Tampons, right? Okay, I'm over it. I'm still 150 pts from getting the $50 promo from Hollywood, but I plan to start a new VPP or PSO promo instead of trying to get to that $50. I'll leave $$ in Hollywood and I might go back, but for now, I need some time to clear my head. One thing about Hollywood. I think the NL ring game may be a better fit. I actually won $10 there. It's no $300 but its no loss either. I guess pricing out donkeys or making them pay for thier foolishness is the way to go.

I played in my first US v. ROW (Rest of the World) SNG yesterday with 8 or so bloggers. This is an event set up by team captains Little Acorn Man (UK) and GCox (US). ROW only had 2 players. Usually, they are outnumbered. Even so, they have 3 wins to our 0! This week, SirFWalgman, aka Sir Waffle, was gracious enough to win it for the US of A.

You may also recall that a while ago I discussed my habit of being the first out when playing games with bloggers. Not so this time. I was the third person left standing. If it wasn't for several short stacks doubling up, I'd have done even better (against the table, not necessarily the bloggers). Even so, aside from the Acorn and the Waffle, I outlasted quite a few bloggers, and took out Chipper and Veneno in the process. Pocket Aces and Queens didn't hurt. After all, It's easy with Aces (c).

I think that's it for right now. But I'll be back soon to discuss my upcoming Birthday, and why poker seems to want to be a big part in the celebrations.

Do you like apples?
I got a nut flush. How you like dem apples?

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At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on the Hollywood Donks. I've been searching them out though cause they are helping me pad my roll. They are very similar to the players at Titan...

Speaking of people reading your blog...a cool thing happened to me this weekend. My best friend from High School who I haven't spoken to in over 10+ years found me via my blog. He moved to Cali and we lost touch. I had tried to find him a couple times to no avail. All of a sudden he's leaving me emails about my blog. Pretty cool...

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Figures the one time I wanted to push early with QQ I get busted by your dang pocket Aces. Weren't we supposed to help each other beat the ROW team? LOL.

Santa will put a bit of coal in your stocking this year. hehehe.

NH damn it. Chipper the pokerdwarf.

At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You tilted me when you showed down the bluff. I was done right then and there. Had that tourney been two weeks ago, I call immediately with the pair of Kings, but your "new and improved" personna had me convinced. Nice playing yesterday, Jordan, and don't sweat Hollywood, it will turn around. Remember, they call it variance and those are the people you want at your table. I know it is hard to accept when they hit their draws continually for days on end, but it will turn around. Remember that.


At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job in the game. We always have EXCELLENT verbal sparing matches. I enjoy them alot.

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. Excellent indeed. Waffle, here, was trying to get under my skin from the start of the tourney. He kept saying that I would double him up. I didn't, by the way. At one point, though, he did get me on tilt. I didn't mess up any hands, fortunately. I kept folding until I cooled down for the most part. But damnit, I got a bit vicious, or at least angry. Good job to you, Waffle, for tilting me and winning it for the US of A.

At 2:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good will hunting... love that


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