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Another Day

After a while, the days seem to just blend in to one long spell. As I sit here, my head aches, my mind wanders, and my body goes through the motions.

But it's not all bad. Yesterday I got into work early at 8am. I left on the later side at 7pm. In the interim, a co-worker dumped some more work on me, several cases got entirely upended by new facts or circumstances coming to light, and I put a minor dent into the mountain of work piling up.

Yes sir, it ain't all bad! My boss did stop into my office for some light chit-chat during which he informed me that I would receive a raise starting next year. Amounts weren't discussed, but I have a decent estimate in mind. Money is good, right?

Boss man also seems to be taking a liking to me. He's a good guy, and for that I'm glad. This does mean, however, that I will be getting additional work. It kind of reminds me of a common joke I had at my old firm, where, as a paralegal, there were times when I didn't have any work to do. I use to complain to my semi-boss/pal, "This is what I get for being so efficient!" Only here, it's "This is what I get for being so damn good!"

On the poker front, I have switched to NLHE on Hollywood, to mixed results. At first, I was doing well, but then the tides changed, including when my set of 6s lost to a runner runner flush that cost the other guy a bundle to draw to. I guess in the end it didn't cost him diddly-squat. Damn donkeys!

On Party Poker, I placed 3rd in Mini-Step #1, which allows me to replay the step for free. Only 1st place advances to step 2. It looks like I've just entered myself into a perpetual black hole of time. Fortunately, it's not a black hole of money. I'll try again tonight hopefully.

On PokerStars I played a $5, 4-way Heads Up match against Veneno, Sox Lover, and some random d-bag. In round 1, I played the d-bag and whooped him good. The final hand involved my A2o and his 66. He raised pre-flop and I was feeling good so I called. A 224 flop sealed his fate...that and his betting half of his stack into me on the flop. Of course, I just called.

In round 2 I faced Sox Lover. I must admit that I got a bit harsh with some of my smack talk. I apologize, sorta. SirFWalGman was in the background, talking smack to me and almost got me on tilt! Damn that Waffle. If nothing else, he'll teach me to keep my cool at the tables. As it turned out, I won the match v. Sox, so I'm a happy man. My play hasn't been bad, just my competition.

Next up, who knows! On Thursday, I plan on returning to the All In Club for the $40+10 freezeout tournament. On Friday, I plan on going there again for a $40+10 rebuy/add-on, or to Genoa for a $25+5 freezeout. I hate to say it, but $25 is just too little, and the $130 I'd need to have a rebuy and add-on at All In is too much. Maybe I'll end up at Party Poker.

Birthday is on Sunday. I don't know what I'm doing this year. Here's hoping that it is unstressful. Fuck yeah!

Sexton, I'll be back!
Only in a rerun.

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At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday Beeotch.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Trip. How kind!


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