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A Time for Action

I've been playing extremely well lately, and while I've had some losing sessions (including donking off my entire Titan Poker bankroll of 81$!), my overall bankroll is on the rise. I've brought my UB bankroll over $50 (from $22) playing 1/2 limit. I've reloaded $100 into Full Tilt and as of now am up to $130 or so playing 2/4, as well as some Stud H/L and Razz. My Pokerstars bankroll is at $145 or so, which is a $25 increase. Individually, these wins aren't a huge deal. But add them together, including my recent run on Carribean ($150 turned into $430), and I am inching upwards.

In addition, I have a home game at my place, dubbed the November to Remember, starting at 3pm tomorrow. If anyone is in the NYC are and would like to join, send me an email asap at Brodybanky AT aol DOT com. Right now, I only have 5 players confirmed, but my crew likes to decide things last minute.

I also want to encourage Drizz and Trauma to have their Heads Up Challenge Championship Match. This is especially encouraged, since I want to make sure none of the combatants leave the country before paying! It's not really a concern, but I'm sure the other players would rather pay out sooner rather than later.

Okay, so time for some introspection. Why am I winning? Here it is. I've been playing focused. I've discontinued watching TV while playing, mostly because its been droning on in the background unwatched anyway. I haven't been chatting, mostly because I've been on LI or no one has been online when I play. During SNGs I'm playing tight. During ring games I'm playing smart. I mean, it's been such a fucking joy to play! I guess that's how it feels when you are playing well AND winning. Surprisingly, the two don't necessarily go hand in hand.

Update: I'm now at $87 at UB and $97 at Full Tilt. So, up in one, down in the other. Fine with me.

I have to get dressed for a hot dinner date with my lady, so I'm cutting this short. Tomorrow, or soon thereafter, I hope to write a post about my friends' and my individual descent into poker degeneracy. While talking to Mikey Aps today, I came to realize that several of my poker-playing pals have all gotten closer to the extreme level of poker degeneracy. What is most interesting is that we've all done it separately, with minimal influence aside from the occassional get together.

Adios mijos!

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At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I've experienced, the limit games on Full Tilt are damn near unplayable... very good players, but the no limit games are juicy.

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll try to work something out tonight.

As for FT... PLO8 has some juicy players, but it is a tough game when the regulars swarm in. If you want to give it go I can tell you who to avoid ;)


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