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Hi all! I got reemed playing on Party Poker yesterday, which reminded me that I HATE PARTY POKER! I think my aggressive style doesn’t work there, against overly-aggressive fish. But if you are tight grinder, then knock yourselves out. I also placed in the money in a 180+ person MTT on Royal Vegas. I was just in the money with an $8 profit when my opponent sucked out on me. Nothing new there. I could complain for a while, but the truth is, I just have to avoid going all-in.

I woke up early today because of the cable guy. Wifey Kim headed out to brunch with the girls, so I sat down to work on my blog design. I got a nice banner (not the one previously shown), and I used a program to tweek the design of the site, but in the end, it caused all of the posts to disappear. So, I guess you are stuck looking at this eye sore. Hahaha! You get what you pay for (sign up for VPP or PSO through these links and I’ll hire a support staff!).

Okay, so I’m starting a tournament simul-blog in the middle of a tournament. It’s $10 freezeout on PokerStars, it started at 11. Hopefully this will make me concentrate.

For the 1st hour, I was playing tight. I got blinded down a bit, but worked back to even (1500 or so). I finally got my first solid starting hand with KK, when someone in EP raised to 400 (50/100 blinds). I pushed, hoping to isolate. A LP player pushed over the top of me. The original bettor and all other players folded. The LP has QQ, and I sat here nervous as hell that I would lose to a suckout. I hate going all-in. As it turned out, I hit my set on the turn and won the hand.

It is now 12pm, and I have 3510 chips. The blinds are 50/100. I’ve seen the flop 23% of the time. I’ve won 3 out of 3 showdowns, and 5 hands without showdowns. Average stack is 3500 or so. I’m in 168 out of 433. 1008 players started. At my table, I am the second big stack, which is really surprising to me. The big stack has over 6K. 5 other players have about 2500-2800. So, I’m going to have to continue playing conservatively. Hopefully, I can place within the money (top 99!). I’m not used to these super large tournaments, so it should be interesting. For all people who love long games, I recommend checking out the Deep Stack tourneys on Poker Stars. I think you can check their website for details and dates/times. The blinds go up every 30 minutes, and, as the name suggests, you start with a lot of chips. For newbies, that means that skill matters a lot more, as opposed to turbo tourneys, where the escalating blinds force a lot of all-ins, where luck is king.

12:08. I folded 29o and 34o in the BB and SB. Blinds are up to 75/150. I’m going to keep folding until I see pocket 7s or better, big slick, or otherwise get a hunch (like in the MTT yesterday when I limp in MP with 58s and hit a 88K flop to double up against AK). Note that I will be very wary of hunches though.

12:13. Q5o in the BB. I’m listening to random Hip Hop via Yahoo Messenger. Only me and the SB, and a JJ4 flop. He checks. I minimum bet. He minimum raises and I fold. 37o in the SB and the button pushes. I fold. T2910.

12:14. I force myself to fold ATo in late position. The flop are all low cards. I have to pee. Ah, a Snapple bottle is within arm reach!

12:16. This table is tight and the blinds are coming along quickly. Most pre-flop bets win the hand. But I must stay tight. No bluffs. No bluffs. No bluffs. 26o in the BB. 654 flop. 450 bet wins it. And here I was upset with the 26o! J2o in the SB, but I fold to a pre-flop raise that is called by three players. T3285. 189 out of 337. 19% of flops seen. I begrudgingly fold KTo on the button, which would’ve missed a flop.

12:23. I’m in the BB again (damn that’s quick) with A6o. I fold to a minimum raise from the UTG+1, which UTG+2 calls. Flop is KT6. SB with A6o again! UTG (formerly UTG+1) raises the min again, and UTG+1 calls again. I get out of the way.

12:24. Hammer on the button. Trouble afoot. A healthy pre-flop raise from EP convinces me and everyone else to fold. T2985. 211 out of 317.

12:27. I fold AQo in EP. Go me! The player to my left raises big as soon as I do. KKJ flop looks unfriendly. The turn is a T. But once some players are all-in, some schmo shows his KJ. Whew!

12:30. Get 6To in the BB. 68K flop. I bet 400 and take it down. The button was in that hand too. Blinds are 100/200. 27d in the SB! EP pushes for over 2K and I fold quickly. Tony Yayo is on Yahoo Messenger Hip Hop. Good stuff. Scarface is waiting for me in my DVD player. I’ve never seen it before. Soon enough though, thanks to Robbie Hole. T3285. 181/281. Nas’s Mozart rip-off, I Can, is on. Is it a crass rip-off or does it introduce classic music to people who normally wouldn’t hear it? The answer, neither and both. Bottom line, it’s an annoying song. The message is good though, saying that you shouldn’t be materialistic and should get an education. Unfortunately, in the video, he is wearing more ice than the Abominable Snowman.

12:35. AQo in the BB. Raise to 800. AKT flop. EP called me. 800 bet and he folds! T3o in the SB. I fold to an EP raise. T4385. Average is about 6K, though. 149/248. Blinds just increased to 100/200 with 25 ante. I limp in LP with A2h. TTJ flop. I bet 800 and take it down. Okay, no More bluffing. I then lay down ATo. Nuthin’ but a G Thang just started. Snoop and Dre are my boys! Good omen.

12:40. 42o in the BB. I fold to a minimum bet on a 37J flop. A5o in the SB. I raise min, and BB calls. A52 flop. He catches runner runner for broadway, calling low bets the whole way. I didn’t consider the antes, which may’ve caused him to call my low bets. Ug! T2985. 177/230. Soul-crushing. Must relax.

12:47. Snoop is back on, with Drop It Like It’s Hot. I get dealt 84o in the BB, and fold to a pre-flop bet from MP. 88K flop. Oh well! I get Q7o in the SB. Button pushes and I fold. T2460. 179/208.

12:49. A2o in the cutoff, with all previous players folding. I raise to 800, and the button and blinds fold to me. I’m back at T2935. 167/204.

12:53. KK in BB. Raise 1200 and button calls. All under cards and I push 1600 or so more. He calls with mid-pair 8s! And I double up! T5820. I fold KJ in the SB after a large raise by a MP. 114/187.

12:57. AA in MP. Raise to 1200 and win. Better than losing. T6470. 106/176.

12:59. 34o in the BB. Button and SB both raise and I fold. I’m moved to a new table in MP/LP. There are four large stacks and the rest are under me. I can work with that. Unfortunately, the large stacks act after me for the most part. Must. Not. Bluff.

1:03. Q9o in the BB. Just me and the button. Q22 flop. I bet 800 and win it. JJ in the SB. LP limps. I bet to 1600 and LP calls. All under cards. I push for 5K. He calls with A9, mid-pair and I WIN!! T13,990! 37/153! I’ve broken the 99 mark by a longshot! I’ve only seen 16% of the flops. Sweet! I’m 2nd big stack at the table too. 5 minute break two hands later. I’m thirsty. Good thing I have a Snapple bottle in arms reach. YUCK! That wasn’t Snapple!

1:16. J3o in the BB. K high flop misses me, and I fold to a bet by MP. I am now the big stack thanks to poor play by the former big stack. Q6o in the SB, but I fold to a minimum raise in MP. Oh yeah, 300/600 blinds, 50 ante.

1:20. QQ in EP. UTG raised. I push. Everyone folds. T15,590. 34/128. GCox is online, and we are voice chatting.

1:22. Q2 in BB. I fold on the flop, which misses me completely. T4o in the SB. I fold when the flop misses me. 36/124.

1:30. J8o in BB. I call a minimum raise from the button and fold on the flop. I think I had pot odds pre-flop. Oh well. J8h in the SB. I limp and fold to a raise by the BB. T11,440. 51/109.

1:33. I’m moved to a new table. I’m on the button at least. Oddly, I am the small stack at this table of giants. Thank you Poker Stars! We are on the bubble. Time to wait it out. 56/100.

1:36. I’m in the money! $5 profit. If I last to 81st, I win about $10. It’s my new goal! 400/800 blinds with a 50 ante.

1:40. Q7o in the BB. I call a minimum bet because of pot odds, but miss the K high flop and fold to a huge bet. 52h in the SB, which I fold to a big raise in EP. T8,990. 63/88.

1:42. AA in the button. Minimum raise. BB calls. KQ7 flop. Bet 1600 and win. T11,340. 54/84.

1:45. I lay down ATh, which was oddly difficult. We are down to 80 players, 600/1200 blinds, 75 ante. I’ve made at least $10 profit.

1:48. J6o in the BB is folded to me. K5o in the SB. I fold to a big raise from EP.

1:54. QQ in the BB. I push and the SB folds. We are on the next bubble, and I was in the Rule of 10, so this was the smart move. J3o in the SB, which I fold to an EP raise. About 12K, 48/64. I make it to the next payout level. I’m now shooting for 45th place.

1:59. I lay down 44 in mid position, once GCox and I agree that I don’t want a coin toss. The flop was 449, and my fate was stolen! 50/58. Meanwhile, GCox just won his SNG.

2:01. 800/1600 blinds with 75 ante. 7To in the BB. I fold to a large bet by the SB. 9To in the SB. I fold to a large bet from MP. 53/56. T8,865 .

2:08. 73o is folded in the BB due to a EP bet. J8o in the SB is folded to a MP raise.

2:09. Me and my measly chips are moved. At least I’m back on the button.

2:11. Push with AQo in MP. All fold. 8.5K. 44/47.

2:13. I’ve made it past another bubble. $20 profit. New goal is 36.

2:19. In the BB I get T2d. It is folded to me. I fold 82h in the SB. 9K.

2:21. I push with A9d. someone with T7 calls, and I’m at 19K! 30/44.

2:23. QQ in EP. Raise to 6000. 1000/2000 blinds, 100 ante. LP goes all in and I call. AK and 88 call. I triple up! 55,775. A9o next hand in the BB is folded to me. 6/41!!! That’s what happens when you see 14% of the flops.

2:29. I’m moved into the BB at a new table. I fold my 36o to a MP raise. I then fold my 84o in the SB to a EP raise.

2:34. 78s in the BB. I call a minimum raise but fold to a raise on the J72 flop. Q7o in the SB. Button raises and I fold. Damn! SB was sitting out. Easy money. T48,275. 14/30.

2:37. AA in UTG+1. I raise it big and everyone folded. Works for me. T53K, 13/29.

2:38. J9o in the BB. I fold to a bet on the A high flop. T6o in the SB, which I fold pre-flop to a MP raise.

2:40. KK in MP/LP. Raise to 9K (1500/3000 blinds, 150 ante). Everyone folds. 53K again. 14/29.

2:43. Veneno is joining us in chat. Folded to me in the BB, with Q8o. TT in SB is folded to me. BB isn’t there, so he auto-folds to my raise. 59K. 10/29.

2:48. 53o in the BB. 358 flop. He min bets. I bet 9K and he calls. He checks turn K. I bet 15K and he folds. 87c which I fold to a MP raise. 7/26, just short of 70K.

2:56. 89s in BB. Someone pushes, and I have to call an extra $2,500 for the $15K. We both river a straight, but his is with AK for Broadway. I then fold the SB, without even remembering what it was, due to a LP raise. Just short of 60K, 9/23.

3:01. 87o in the BB. I fold to UTG’s bet. The hammer in the SB is folded to a EP bet. No protecting my blinds for me! 51K, 12/20.

3:05. I make the top 18 for a $80 payday at least. New goal, top 9. I’m in 13th out of 18. KTo in the BB. Minimum raise gets the SB to fold. K7d in the SB.

3:10. JJ UTG. Raise to 18,000. All fold! K4 in the BB is folded to a minimum bet. I fold 88 in the SB to a large bet from the button. I ain’t taking chances right here. AK on the button. I re-raise a big bet all-in, and then he folds! 85K. 8/15.

3:15. QTo in the BB, folded to a MP raise. KQc in the SB. QJ2 flop. I bet 18K. He minimum raises back. I push. He calls with…Q9! 167K! 4/13!

3:17. Minimum raise in LP with the 38 special. An all-in for 40K makes me fold. Somewhere, baby the NRA is weeping.

3:19. The 38 special in the BB is folded to. I show it. Then, I folded the SB.

3:20. I’ve been moved…to the final table! 4000/8000 blinds, with

3:25. J5o in the BB is folded to a MP raise. 25s in the SB is limped in. I bet the AA6 flop and take it down! Must. Not. Bluff. 9th place is out in the very next hand.

3:30. T5o in the BB folds to a raise and re-raise. J8o in the SB, folds to a LP/MP raise. Someone pushes in the next hand and we are down to 7! 140K, 5/7.

3:34. T5o is folded to me in the BB. 34o from the SB is folded to a MP/LP raise. Crisis is averted when I fold the suited hammer thanks to a player on my right raises. I would’ve raised, no matter what GCox and Veneno thinks!

3:36. ATo in the BB, folds to a big raise. I probably had a better hand, but now is not the time to gamble. A4o in the SB. I raise and the BB folds.

3:38. KT sucks out KQ, and we are down to 6.

3:40. K6o in BB, folds to me. 93o in SB calls, because of pot odds. 9J6 flop. I bet and take it down. Min Raise with KTs on the button and take it down. Too many blinds, so I’ll just tell you the big hands.

3:44. Raise with QKo in the Button takes down the hand.

345. Fold 77 in the BB to a big bet in EP.

347. KAc in the BB. the small stack raised b efore me. I pushed. He called with T7! I win.

3:52. I placed in the top 4. Lost a hand when a preflop raise with 55 is re-raised all-in.

358. ATo UTG. Push and pick up blinds. One player is down to 80K. He doubles up.

400. I push with AhKd UTG. The BB is the big stack, and he calls with AJd, The flop is all diamonds and I lose. Well, it’s a crappy way to go, but I put my money in with the best of it and got sucked out on. He had a 1 in 20 (or less, thanks to my Kd) chance of hitting that. But as I said in the beginning, when you push all-in, you are making luck king. Unfortunately, the king beheaded me. Boo hoo hoo.

On the bright side, this wipes out my 2 months of losses AND is triple my current bankroll. It’s a great day! Toward the end, bloggers were signing on for Acorn’s US v. UK blogger tourney. TripJax, DP, and SirF joined the voice chat and railbirding. It’s nice to know you have support.

I want to thank everyone for helping me win this. A special thanks to GCox and Veneno, who were railbirding for hours. They helped me keep focused and offered great advice along the way. I only saw 11% of flops, which is a lesson to me and hopefully for all of you. Tight is right. I also single tabled and didn’t watch TV or play on the Internet. Chatting via voice helped me focus. So, thank you all.

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At 10:20 PM, Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

I enjoyed taking the Journey with you. Great to see you get rewarded for your very excellent effort. Congrats!

At 10:58 PM, Blogger surflexus said...

very nice....good job

At 1:55 AM, Blogger Pauly said...

In depth recap. Nice. Looks like you need to improve your play out of the blinds.

At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the big score... I enjoyed seeing you play at the final table. Also, I tried to help out with advice but wasn't there long enough to have an impact...

"Tight is right. I also single tabled and didn’t watch TV or play on the Internet."

I myself only single table on the internet... while most people don't; I believe that can give anyone an edge. I don't agree with the "tight is right" part, however. That's not my style... as Veneno would confirm from the SnGs she's played with me haha.

At 12:01 AM, Blogger jremotigue said...

Dude, way to go!


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