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Poker Madness

After a week of solid wins, I've hit a slump. My lunchtime session was a $20 loss, do in large part to my impatience. Fuck Absolute, too. I don't know why I ever leave the womb of Noble Poker, but I just can't help myself. I've lost $100 of my $250 original deposit and haven't earned a single $10 bonus. One is forthcoming, in a day or two, but I'm still waiting it out. I have a lot of poker coming up, which is a good thing overall, but if I don't fight through this poor streak (both cards and play) I'm cooked. Let's look at Jordan's poker schedule:

Tonight (Wed): Fiance Kim is having dinner with a friend. I was really looking forward to spending some time with her, but since that is out the window for the early evening, I will spend some time with fiance poker. Um, that was a slip. Don't tell fiance Kim. I hope to play some practice Heads-Up games, and maybe an SNG. I want to continue to grind at Absolute, but I'm really disenfranchised with their site right now. I'm just not catching anything, and when I do, I'm beat. Grunt.

Thurs: This will probably be a fiance Kim evening, so I will only get to play late-night. It will also be the night before my last day of work (hallelujah), so I don't see any reason to get a full-night's rest. Late night poker, here I come!

Fri & Sat: Friday and Saturday are the eye of the poker storm. Friday night, I may go for drinks after work with co-workers. Thereafter, I am supposed to go to LI (NYC suburbs where I grew up) with fiance Kim. If Batman is still in the theatres, I'm making her see it with me. I can't believe I may've missed out! If not, we'll find something else to keep us occupied. On Saturday, I am meeting up with my good buddy Platinum for tux fittings for my wedding. I have a birthday party Saturday night, so I don't anticipate any poker.

Sun: I have no idea how I'm going to feel Sunday morning, when I awake at 9am and realize I have 6 hours until the 5-Diamond Invitational Bounty Poker Tournament begins at casa-del-Jordan. I can just about guarantee that the table will be set up several hours in advance. I just can't help but feel the anticipation already. Up to 14 players will enter the 5-Diamond lounge with money in their pockets and a glint of hope in thier eye. Three will leave victorious (ignoring the huge bounties). Buy in is $30, with $20 to the prize pool and $10 for each players' bounty. It should speed up action and encourage aggressive play, two things I'm looking for. I have to arrange the blind structure which is always a tricky one. Regardless, it should be an exciting time. I'm MUST place. Understand this. Failure is not an option. I haven't played live in a while, and this will be my coming out party.

In addition, look for me to be online at 12am Sunday night/Monday morning, looking to get some HEADS UP CHALLENGE preliminary matches in. I'll be away Monday, so I'm missing the bulk of the kick-off day, but I've devised a late night plan to start ASAP. So there is my personal challenge to all Challengers: Who wants a piece of me Monday, 12am?

Mon: What better way to follow up poker than! Dave Roose and I leave for Atlantic City in the morning, and will be playing in Tropicana's $20+10 Rebuy/Add-on Tournament at 7:15pm. After that, we will probably play a bucket of cash games. Throw in some craps and you got yourself quite the gambling cocktail. If we are up for it, we might stick around for the 5:15 AM(!!) tournament. The buy in is $50+15, with a double add-on, so its costly. We'd have to be amped and flush with cash to make it. Or stupid. I'm thinking a little from column A and a little from column B. We have a room at the Trop, but sleep is optional.

Tues: I plan on waking up early enough to make the $50+15 no rebuy/no add-on Taj Mahal tournament at 12:15pm, but no promises. I may be wrong, but I feel like I can make my buck stretch a little farther in tournament situations. I'll have to re-read Harrington on Hold'em too, to keep my head straight. After that, we'll be heading back to NYC, where I will wind down my poker fix with fiance Kim. A little GHB in her drink, and once she's out, I'm back on.

Wed-Fri: With a week off from work, I only have a few random errands to run. One will take all of Wed, and another will take the later half of Thurs. However, I'm looking to go to the Aquarium, an underground card room in Manhattan. If anyone wants to join, I'm looking for company. Other possibilities include a Robbie Hole homegame, or just about any homegame I can get into.

All this poker, and I'm still on a losing streak. Oooweee! Good thing that future cards are independant from past cards, because the turn-around is coming. Poker poker poker!

PS- Why aren't bloggers updating as much lately? It's probably the summer, but do they expect me to actually work during the day? I'm not talking about the Challengers (see sidebar), who I know individually have reasons for not posting. Rather, it seems like the whole blogging community is lagging. Maybe it's just me and my over-blogging standards. Oh well oh well!

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At 4:17 PM, Blogger WillWonka said...

Is the plan for everybody to seek out their 1st round opponent on their own? What's the best way... Ultimate buddy? I have not downloaded UB yet; but should do it soon.

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Wil: The beauty of the first (and every) round is that all players play a match against each other player. So, you will play Me, GCox, Steeler, etc. in the first round. So, feel free to set up your matches with whoever, whenever. When we get near the end of the prelim, we will probably have to coordinate a little better to fill in the blanks, but right now, the matches are pretty free-form.

Definitely get Ultimate Bet and Ultimate Buddy. I'll send out an email later detailing all of the participants' AIM and UB names.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Fuck you, you bottom-feeding advertising scum suckers. That is for the THREE comments left by advertising bots that always go something like this:

"Read you blog and love it. Check out my site HERE."


"Nice Blog! Wanna buy my new soap?"

Fuck off people. No one wants what you are selling. I will have a complete post on this subject at a future date.


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