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PisSed Off

Well, the heading isn't exactly right. I'm not really pissed off. But if you look a bit closer, you'll see that the capital letters are: PSO.

Look, people. I am the world's seventh greatest poker blogger. This is an undisputed fact. According to the wonderful people at, their "most popular blogs" section is based on the amount of people clicking on my links on their page. Now, I might be beating this into the ground, but this is a BIG deal for me. I do not see myself as a force in the poker blogging community. But this is a sign that I do have a modicum of popularity or at least readability. This blog was originally for me, so that I could work out my poker thoughts. But it has developed into something more. It is a source of pride for me, and it has been a way to open up to a new community of people.

Now, why am I pissed off? Because why is the 7th greatest poker blogger of all time getting no love from his readers? GCox recently mentioned that he has 10 people who signed up on PSO through him. I have zero! Granted, he started sooner, but since I've started, none of my friends or readers have taken the plunge. I sound like a petulant child, I know. Well, baby needs his baba, and that baba ain't a bottle (unless it's Grey Goose). My baba is a iPod. How can I not have one of these. On the subway to work, I saw a 13 year old Latina girl, a 86 year old Greek man, a 30 something Black guy, and a two ageless homeless people rocking out to thier iPods. Homeless people! I also passed about 16 ads, on buses, buildings and elsewhere, informing me that if I get an iPod, I too will have a cool colored background, a rocking sillouetted body, and some dance skills! I'll say it again: how can I not have an iPod!

I won't leave it up to you, fair readers. I am very grateful that you waste your time reading my drivel, complete with mispelled words used in the wrong context (my SAT-tutor mother would kill me!). I am going to transfer some money out of Noble and move to a new PSO promotion to receive the 6000 PSO points. This should take 2 days or so (Noble is slow with Neteller withdrawals), at which point I will attempt to earn the 6000 PSO points at three different sites. That will leave me with 18,000 PSO points, mathemagicians! But, with the iPod costing 21,500 points, I could sincerely use your help. Please, if you find my blog worthy, are a fan of the 7th greatest poker blogger in the universe, want to make money and win additional prizes through PSO, or need a charity tax write-off, sign up at Poker Source Online through referral code HighOnPoker.

If you are signing up for PSO through referral code HighOnPoker, I offer a few suggestions. Sign up for Bodog, as the site starts you with 50 Bodog points, and you only need to earn an additional 150 for their promotion. I’ve done this and it was very easy. If not Bodog, try Absolute Poker. The bonus is easy, but I suggest you start at the 1/2 limit or higher, since the bonus is based on hands with a 25 rake. Here’s another tip to getting yours from Absolute: sit in a full table 1/2 room (or higher), and only play premium hands while you play your usual game. I suggest this because Absolute counts ANY HANDS are your table that covers the rake requirement, even if you DID NOT PUT A DIME into the pot! So, I three-tabled, with my usual 6-person table, and two 9 or 10-person tables. Ingenuity at its best.

I will be starting my bonus whoring at PokerRewards, unless someone has another suggestion. For that matter, any suggestions regarding the PokerRewards bonus would be helpful, such as soft games or tricks like the Absolute Poker trick I mentioned above. I have already completed Bodog and Absolute via PSO, and I already had accounts on Golden Palace, Full Tilt, Empire, PokerRoom, and Party, so those sites are off limits (although I’m thinking of opening new accounts at Party and PokerRoom).

There you have it. I have a plan, but I’d like your help. If you can find it in your hearts to help a blogger on his iQuest of an iFree iPod, please sign up at Poker Source Online with referral code HighOnPoker. And you can pop my affiliation code cherry! (I will also pimp your blog or whatever else you’d like, if that will entice anyone).

Poker? Why not!

posted by Jordan @ 4:50 PM,


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Wow, what shameless self promotion.

At 12:05 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

That is shameless self-promotion, but, you know, somebody has to do it. Might as well be you.

I'll pimp you tomorrow, bro.


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Clap it up for the New everyone! And G, thank you in advance for the pimpage. This self-promotion is making me feel dirty.

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This topic reminds me of the folks who hold the signs up that say 'Will work for food!'

But this sign reads:

"Hi am Jordan I need PSO points to get an IPOD"

At 1:24 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I'm guessing that GCox's 10 are not all new business, but rather some of the same people working on more bonuses. As for me, he'll be getting somemore when I start PSOing it again soon since I originally signed up under him...

And as for the iPod...check out this comment that was posted on the comments of my most recent post...very helpful...

Here's something you should think about if you plan to get the IPod 4GB mini from PSO.
From PSO the IPod mini costs 21500 PSO points.
You can buy Amazon gift certificates from PSO for right at $1 per 100 PSO points ( a $100 Amazon gift certificate costs 10000 PSO points).
The IPod mini is onsale at Amazon at $175 shipped.
That will cost you 17500 PSO points.
(You will need to purchase a $100 gift certificate for 10000 points and one $75 gift certificate for 7500 points.)
At 6000 PSO points per site bonus, it will only take you only 3 sites to get your IPod mini, instead of having to complete 4 bonuses.
So, you will also get your IPod mini sooner.

You can thank me later.
- Jason (onewhowas - at most poker sites)
Jason Rogers | Homepage | 08.30.05 - 6:30 pm | #


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Thanks Trip. That's some good info that I'll definitely use. Thanks again everyone else, for putting up with (and in fact, encouraging) my self-promotion.


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