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Commissioner Reporting for Duty

As Commissioner of the Heads Up Challenge, I have admittedly been ignoring my duties. After realizing that I was not to advance to the second round, and in fact held the last place position after round one, I put the HUC at the back of my priority list. I liken it to my habit of closing an SNG window as soon as I lose. Even if I'm playing with the HUC crew, I still can't get myself to stay put and watch them play. I might return in 10 minutes or so, but immediately I want to purge myself of my apparent failure.

When the HUC Preliminaries (aka Round 1) ended, several of the players were tied for the third and fourth Semifinals (aka Round 2) slots. GCox and SteelerJosh were a lock for Round 2, with a record of 5-2. Mourn, TripJax and DNasty were all tied at 4-3. Me (1-6), WillWonka (2-5), and DoubleAs (3-4) were out the door. [Note: At least I'm in good company].

As a result, DNasty, Mourn, and Trip are going to have to enter SUDDEN DEATH! All players will face off: D v. M, D v. T, M v. T. If all players end with a 1-1 record, we'll start all over again. However, if one player gets 2-0, we have ourselves the third Semifinalist. Between the other two, one will necessarily have a 0-2 record, and the other will have a 1-1 record. The 1-1 is our fourth Semifinalist.

The Semifinals will consist of all players playing a best of three match against the other semifinalists. If GCox beats Steel in two matches right away, then GCox gets a win, for a 1-0 record (and not a 2-1 or 2-0). Steel, obviously, gets a 0-1. GCox, as all semifinalists, will have to repeat the best of three set against the Semifinalist 3 and 4. In the end, challengers will have a Semifinal score of 0-3, 1-2, 2-1, or 3-0. If more than one player ties, we will go to the players' Preliminary win/loss record. If this is tied as well...SUDDEN DEATH!!

Once Semifinals are done, we will have our Grand Finale! The Finals will be pre-announced, with a set date and time for all you railbirds. The players will be locked in a no-holds-barred Heads-Up poker battle to rival all others. Stay tuned!

Your Commissioner,

On the individual poker front, I may not have much time to play tonight. Maybe when fiance Kim is asleep, I can cram in some 2/4. Tomorrow, I am hoping to host a smaller homegame. Roose and Hole are in, as are Hafeley and Katzner. We need one more for a good game, and three more for a solid game. Cross your fingers for me. If you are interested in playing and are in the NYC area, the game is .25/.50 NLHE, with a $20 max buy-in and $40 max rebuy. Contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me directly.

Enjoy yourselves. And bluff a bit for me.

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At 9:22 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

It is so final, after you get beaten out of a SNG, isn't it? You've been sitting there for 45 minutes, folding or raising and then suddenly, the cards are being dealt and your seat is empty. I fucking hate that, too.

Let me know when I need to be ready to play in the 2nd round Commish.


At 10:03 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

I was supposed to play D last night, but I got caught up writing my most recent post and forgot to check back in on AIM until after 10:30pm and didn't see him. We'll get'em done this week though I'm sure...

I hate it when - during a tournament or SNG - my name changes from TripJax to Empty Seat. Worst.Episode.Ever.


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