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Short and Sweet

I'm out of the office, and not doing much, so this'll be a short and sweet post. Besides, why write a lot when people like GCox are writing stellar SNG strategy posts. Played with GCox a little last night. I decided to get rid of my last $2.50 on UB. I did it in classic fashion. .05/.10 NLHE. I have AA in MP. I raise the pot (.65). 3-4 people call (not good). Flop is 8c6c4x, or thereabout. I push, and a player to my left raises a bunch to isolate. I need to start isolating. I knew immediately that the player had pocket 8s. Done and done.

I withdrew all $ from Bodog. As much good as I've done, I've only won about $30 there, due to a $20 loss last night in PL Omaha H/L and some shitty cards earlier this week. I think you might recall me bitching and moaning. So be it.

At least I'm on my way...I'm on my way...Home Sweet Home! Noble poker, natches! Time to lace up and whoop some limit and MTT ass. GCox sent me a forward from Noble regarding their new promotion. If you win 7 SNGs in a row, you get $1,000,000. Hahaha. Thanks G, because I am so damn good at SNGs.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. I'm moving a whopping 3 floors, so I might not have Internet for a few days. That's ok by me, since I withdrew from Bodog and have to wait a couple of days before the money is back in Neteller.

Poker poker poker. Adios!


Unlike Noble, the withdrawal from Bodog to Neteller was immediate. I'm back up in Noble. Hide your $$.


Sometimes you can't win. Noble's reload bonus isn't in effect now. So, I've withdrawn most of my bankroll from them, which will take a couple of days to return to Neteller. I left some in though ($40 or so), so I can play on a whim. The rest is off to Absolute. I'll see if I can get a better reload bonus through them directly v. through PokerSourceOnline (referral code GCox25 or TripJax).

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$1,000,000 for winning 7 SnGs in a row? That shouldn't be a problem...


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