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A Random Assortment

Just a random assortment of thoughts here.

It's near the end of my workday, and things are slowing down around the office. I fear that my work will dry up before Sept. 30th (my last day), and I'll have countless hours to twiddle my thumbs. Some might think this is golden, but at a law firm where you have to account for every .1 of every hour (6 minutes, math whiz), it's less than fun.

As a result of being laid off, I have to discontinue the namesake of this site. Should be interesting to see how this effects my poker (better concentration and no late-night loose-fests), and writing (late-night posts are back in effect).

Robbie Hole is hosting a homegame tomorrow. I'm going to take notes, because (a) they already make fun of me for having a blog, (b) I have never taken notes at a live game, (c) it should make for an easier and more detailed recap tomorrow, and (d) I won't be partaking in the namesake so it'll keep me busy.

Let's hope that Rob's game doesn't get too distracted, as often happens when namesake's involved. The game slows down to a crawl and I eventually get grumpy. Let's also see how I play when not with namesake, as this is usually a standard when hanging with the Hole. Oh, sweet temptation.

Hole's game will be my first live game in over a week (maybe 2)? I miss the Desi home games, and I'm going to have to ask him to host another one. They were always a cash cow for me, and afforded me the opportunity to play with a random group.

I am moving on Friday, officially, so its odd ordering items online or sending out letter and deciding with return address to use. Fortunately, I'm moving within the same building, so it'll all get to me anyway.

On Aug. 1st, I get cable in the new apartment. On Aug. 2nd, my couch, coffee table and end table will be delivered. On August 4th (Thurs) I want to have the 5 Diamond card room Inaugural game (5 Diamond for apt. 5D). But we'll be finally settled in, and I don't think fiance Kim will approve. I don't "have" to get her permission, but she is my fiance and roomee, so I want to keep things fair. She's usually cool with poker games, but I wouldn't be surprised if fiance Kim with a new apartment is like a kid with a new toy...she'll need a couple of days before she'll want to share.

Is it just me, or do bloggers (myself included) often share sad stories when not talking about poker. It is my goal to think of one entirely not sad story for my next non-poker post.

I played for an hour during lunch. I live 5 minutes from work, and since I don't need to impress anyone anymore, I've been going home for lunch. I fired up the bodog and played in 2 tables. One was a 6-person 1/2 limit. The other was a heads up 1/2 limit. I ran over the heads up guy, and then gave him back all of his money. I think overall, I lost $10 during lunch. Ignoring the bonus that I received (let's pretend that never happened) I'm down on bodog. I'm trying to convince myself that it has been some bad luck, and not that I suck. Nope. Not done convincing yet. At least I can justify losing by thinking "I'm just paying for my free table from Poker Source Online [referral from TripJax or GCox25, as if you didn't know]. I'm looking forward to clearing my bonus by Friday and withdrawing money from bodog for the next stop in the PSO whore-myself-for-prizes tour. Any suggestions as to sites where it is easy to clear bonuses? Don't just stand there; type something!

For all my readers that don't leave comments, don't feel obliged, but do feel free. I was always the kid in class raising his hand. I guess I always wanted to share my viewpoint, hence the blog. I'm sure there are a lot of you that didn't raise your hand. Well, feel free to raise it freely here. No one will laugh at your face. And besides, I really enjoy feedback.

I guess that is it. Keep on folding!

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At 5:12 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

We have a local game I sometimes play where the namesake goes around the table 5 times faster than the button.

It turns into a "dude it's your turn" or "hey who's turn is it?" type of night.

Brutal for anyone who's their to play some damn poker. still got cash in Noble account or did it go to BoDog?


At 5:47 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

I don't have a suggestion for another quick bonus, but I will say Paradise seemed like it took FOREVER to clear. 750 raked hands and it took me almost two weeks.

Do you have an account on Party? If not, look at Instant Bankroll. They give you $75 for free.

Dude, whose turn is it???


At 8:08 AM, Anonymous kipper said...

Hey who has the namesake?

At 12:19 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

I think it's safe to say that we all "got it."

I had no idea you could get that kind of stuff delivered in NYC. In Oklahoma, you have to travel across town.



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