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Just Can't Win

In the category of "Just Can't Win", I've moved into my new apartment, but will not get cable or Internet until Mon night. Right now, I am pirating off of my neighbors' week Wireless connections. This means no online poker, as I keep on losing my connection. And yet, I took off work on Monday, which would be a perfect time to devote my day to MTTs. I'm itching for MTTs. Oh, God, how you toy with me.

Read TripJax's post on SNGs. After reading it, I once again thought that I could've used his expert analysis BEFORE the SNG challenge. I think I am closer to TripJax's style of poker, but I was trying too hard to be like GCox. I'm aggressive, and I like taking advantage of the fact that most of the time in a 6-person SNG, the few players left in the pot post-flop don't hit enough of the board to call post-flop bets. I needed to send out more probe bets too.

I'm currently STILL reading Harrington on Holdem Vol. 1. Its good reading, but now that I am done with SNGs (for the time being), it isn't as applicable to my game. Harrington is all about the tourneys. That said, I do want to play more MTTs, so maybe I should pay more attention.

I'm also reading V for Vendetta, a comic book which is being made into a movie starring Natalie Portman. I had this interesting interaction with I'm-different-so-that people-have-a-reason-to-hate-me-besides-the-fact-that-I-am-chubby-ugly-stupid-and-have-the-personality-of-a-wet-mop PunkGirl, a clerk working the register at Borders:

[This conversation took place after hearing PunkGirl have a 10 min conversation about the virtues of Harry Potter to a disinterested customer. I stroll up and put down V for Vendetta.]

PunkGirl: Oh, they are making a movie out of this comic.
Me: Yep. I hope they do a good job. Its starring Natalie Portman
PG: I really want to see it when it comes out.
Me: Yeah? Did you read the comic?
PG: [with indignation] I don't read comics.
Me: Well, fuck you then. Enjoy your neo-classic Harry Potter, you self-righteous bitch!

Okay, what I actually said was. "Okay..." and then left.

I bring this whole thing up because brother Keith told me about an altercation he had with PunkGirl 2 days ago, without even knowing about my experience. He was buying a conservative book called, "100 People Who Are Ruining America" or some such tripe (it ain't my thing). She saw it and said, "I can't believe we've sold so many of these. It really makes me look down upon my fellow NYers." What is wrong with people? I'm thinking about going there today and buying that book just to bait her. When she makes the inevitable OpEd, I'll ask to see her manager. But that would be bad. And then God may not grant me a decent wireless connection.

All Moving and No Poker makes Jordan a Dull Boy!

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At 2:17 PM, Blogger TripJax said...


I'll try and post something about Heads-Up play, BEFORE we actually start it.

I agree, I think our styles are a little bit closer than the others. We're willing to take more chances and put ourselves in situations where we might not be best, but the gut feeling keeps us going. I'd say we're both loose aggressive, with the ability to switch it upwhen need be...



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