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In the Hole and You Decide #13

I played at Hole's tonight. In fact, I'm still here. It didnt go well though. I lost $40, but fortunately stopped there. No need chasing good money with bad. Budgeting before the game was a good idea. The table was pretty full. It went as follows:

1. Me
2. Scotty, aka Vader. He's a 40 some-odd guy, and didn't mind spending and losing money. Above all though, I appreciated that he could laugh at himself and my jokes. Case in point: when I cashed him in for the 4th time, he asked, while gesturing to a stack, if those were his chips. I replied, "They are for now, but probably not for long." And he laughed. When someone asked what he does for a living and I jumped in with "Poker" he laughed again. Thank god.
3. Pete. Definitely a shark. He knew what he was doing.
4. Robbie Hole. He played well, and for that I am proud.
5. Randy Hole. Very quiet this game, which is good for me. He always seem to take me out.
6. Dave Roose. He was hitting cards and playing well. I lost a big one to him even though I knew he held KK or AA. I couldn't help it. That was the epitomy of my evening...losing to hands when I knew I should fold.
7. Jeff Hole (Rob's bro). He played extremely fishy in the first hand. He then took me for my 1st $20. Fuck him. He deserved it.
8. G-Lon. He lost some more dough. Seems to be his thing. He makes the same mistakes as me, only he makes them more consistently. I'm always rooting for him though. I love the underdogs.

First off, the best pocket cards I had of the night was 77, once. I also had KQ once. No higher pocket pairs.

The first hand of the night was a doozee, and actually set up my later fall. The last time I played with Robbie Hole's brother, it was clear that he was a newbie. I expected more of the same tonight. The first hand solidified that image.

I was the dealer. Pete was SB. We only had 5 players, and Jeff was two seats to my right. Jeff raised from .50 to 1.50. Pete raised to $3. It was only the two of them when the flop came down. Jxx. Pete checked, and Jeff checked. The turn was a Q. Pete checked. Jeff bet a dollar. Pete called. The river was a 10. Pete checked. Jeff bet $5. Pete pushed all-in and Jeff called. Jeff had JQ. Obviously, Pete had AK. Obviously. I called it before he showed his cards. He told Jeff that if he had bet more on the turn, Pete would've folded. I don't know if that was Jeff's intention, but I knew before the river what Pete had.

A little while later, I was involved with a hand with Jeff. I had 97o in the button, but decided to see a flop. The flop looked good, 986. I bet out and pushed a couple of players out of the pot. I didn't need to worry about overcards. Jeff stayed in. I put him on a draw. The turn was an 8. I bet and he called. Again, I wasn't scared. The river was a 6. I hit a straight. I checked and he bet $5. I pushed for another $6. He called with T7. My read was off, and he slowplayed me. I deserved it too.

Other notable hands: I didn't lay down my 77 to Dave Roose's KK, even though I knew I was beaten. This is stupid. I did lay down my top pair on the river against Hole when he bet like he had the 8 needed to match the inside straight draw on the board. He told me later that I was right. He had the 8. I believe him. This is how I should've played all night.

My last hand has become:

You Decide #13

This one is all about pot-odds. Let's assume that I messed up by not folding in the first place.

I had Jc9c one to the right of the button. I was shortstacked. Randy, UTG, limps too. Roose folds. Jeff raises to $1. Ilan calls. I call, thinking I am acting in late position and there are good pot odds. Scotty calls. Pete calls. Robbie Hole raises to $4. Randy and Jeff call before me, so I called, thinking pot odds again. Scotty calls, but is very loose. Pete folds.

The flop was QTx, rainbow. Robbie Hole raises $10. Everyone folds to me. I look down at $6. I call, thinking...ready...pot odds. There was $36.50 in the pot (give or take $3). Scotty folds.

He has AQ. I have J9, for an open-ended straight draw. I don't hit and I'm out for the night.

Were the pot odds there? I think they were on the end. I don't even want to do the math.

This night was not an ideal one. I didn't have any cards. In the few hands I won, I played timidly, because I was reeling from over-straight from Jeff. Chasing demons! Woe is me!

Jc9c lost to AQ, QTx , PF raised to 1, called, raised to 3. flop. raised to 10 by Hole.
77, with Dave with KK
Jeff lost with JQ to a rivered straight by Pete.
I lost with 97, 986,8,5. Jeff had 107

posted by Jordan @ 10:19 PM,


At 8:36 AM, Blogger doubleas said...

Disregarding your preflop play, your flop call was correct. You were 35% to hit after the flop and you had well over the pot-odds necessary.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

If DoubleAs says you had the pot odds, you had the pot odds. Don't know if you've read his strategy posts, but they are a gold mine for new players.

That being said, I don't really like the call pre-flop either. After you are in the hand though, post flop play was probably right on.

Now those Aces late last night????


At 3:41 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

The $4 bet was your one true chance to get out of the way, but at that had enough odds to call. I think I probably do the same as you and end up broke as well.

We're in the same boat me thinks...


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