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Hi Readers. If this blog is about anything, its about building a community. That's pure bullshit. Its about poker. But one of the joys of having a blog is the natural community that forms. Hence, the SNG challenge will feature players from all walks of life putting their honor and money on the line to be crowned the Next SNG Champion.

The players so far include (check the links on the right for their blogs):

Jordan from High on Poker: Yours truly. A poker enthusiast with a penchant for overdoing his poker fixation. A player with the perfect mix of addictive personality and anal retentiveness. I play lots of poker for little money. How truly sad.

DNasty: The originator of the current limit challenge (full credit goes to DoubleAs for mentioning such a thing in a previous post). DNasty hails from Detroit, but is making his new home in Tampa, FL. His limit challenge has stalled out, but an impressive MTT win will erase any doubt that he will be a force to be reckonned with in the SNG challenge.

GCox25: GCox, an Oklahoma City russler (I consider anyone west of Pennsylvania a cowboy), was my table-mate at the Dr. Pauly freeroll a couple of months past.. I don't know if "table-mate" is the right term, seeing as he and I were more or less gunning for each other. He's no slouch with tournament play, as I can attest first hand.

Kipper: I only 'met' Kipper recently, and he is still a man of mystery. He's from parts unknown (Erie, PA, I think...cowboy). He might just be the darkhorse in this event.

I'm still hoping for other participants. SteelerJosh, you feeling lucky? Maybe I can even rope Roose or Hole into this.

There are still a few details to work out. I think the entry/prize pool will remain $25 per person. Since I don't know many of you besides from blogs, I'm hoping we can do this in a way that ensures that we are all being honest. I'm thinking the way to go is to (a) all do it on the same site, (b) find a site that allows you to get tournament histories or can get an email of tournament histories or have players take screenshots of the winning screen. Does this make sense? If we can't arrange this, I believe we can all trust each other, but why not just have this fail-safe anyway. In that vain, if we can find a site that allows players to transfer $25 amongst their accounts, that would also facilitate payments at the end of the challenge.

We should all start with $50 in our accounts. So a poker room that we don't already belong to would be ideal, since we can all start with an even $50. You can play any SNG amount you want. If we are all on the same site, this will make the fee the same across the board (i.e., $5+.50 for all of us, instead of some sites which could be $5+1, or whatever). SNG's only, but 6 or 9/10 person is okay. I'd avoid heads up, as that is a whole different animal (maybe Heads Up challenge will be next).

Suggestions and requests to join are more than accepted.

DNasty and I won't be done with the limit challenge until July 10th, a Sunday, so I'd like a week off before the SNG challenge starts. Monday, July 18th to Sunday, August 14th will be a full four weeks, so that will be the tentative start and end date. Stay tuned.

Onto another note. Last night I had no Internet connection. Divine intervention once again stepped in to prevent me from playing poker. I think this is definitely a good thing. I can feel that I am not in the right mindset to play expert poker. That said, I hope it is up and running tonight (along with my cable, which went out this morning). Otherwise, we're going to have a very fiending Jordan. "Just give me one more flop! I'll @#$% your #*() for a flop."

Peace, love and poker to all yall.

posted by Jordan @ 10:47 AM,


At 1:25 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

*%@# one &%^@ and they will call you a *&^$!

Those rules sound good to me. The only thing about picking a site that I would suggest is this: We need to pick a site that is busy. You can sit and wait forever for a SNG to fill up on Noble. I'm up for wherever, just let me know so I can move some money to Neteller in time.

By the way, the next time we face off, I will be sure to wear my cowboy hat, pardner.


At 2:03 PM, Blogger Jordan said...


Good advice. I can pretty much do it on any site. Do you know of any sites where you can transfer $$ between accounts and you can get tournament histories? I'm a serial monogomist when it comes to online poker sites, so knowledge of the different sites is my weak point. That said, if someone else wants to make a suggestion (or better yet, choose a site), please do.

Another idea, should we make it shorter than 4 wks?

At 2:09 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

The time of the challenge is completely up to you, it doesn't really matter to me.
UltimateBet has plenty of traffic, I almost never have to wait for a SNG to fill up. They fill up very fast. You can also transfer $$ directly to another play, just not their UltimatePoints. Does anyone know if we can transfer money amongst ourselves on Neteller? That might be an option. If so, we could all send our entry fee to you to hold for the winner.
I assume that once we start this, we will all be updating daily on our progress. If we go bust, then we are out. With only $50 to start, I might have to start back over at the $5 + 1's until I can build up a little money.
I can do it on any site also.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Ultimate Bet it is. I know DNasty is on there, and I have openned an account there, but have yet to deposit. With that in mind, anyone have any deposit codes? I know $50 is a small amount to start with, but that is part of the experiment. The key is to build up. I'd be happy to hold the $25. I'm a little, whats the term, retarded, when it comes to Neteller, but I think I can work it all out. I'm an honest guy, and I promise not to head to Mexico with your combined $75 (even though I could live comfortably for a good 2 yrs).

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

UltimetBet sounds good to me. I have yet to signup there. I will probably use that garyc pointed out in a post (I think it was him) to get a bnonus unless someone has something better. I also have a neteller account so should not be a problem.

Some other ideas...perhaps
If we all use pokertracker we could do something that way with our SNG histories...perhaps...If UB works with pokertracker.

Perhaps get a deposit/withdrawal history screen shot. beginning,midway and end of contest.

Of course I will be out of contest on 1st day so.....

Oh and yes I am from Erie, PA (Fairview, PA if looking for exact town) I just started playing online poker recently (past 6 months or so) but have been playing all types of poker since I can remember. Started playing at a young age at hunting camp...


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Some interesting background from Kipper, and some good suggestions. Kipper and I will definitely need feedback from GCox and DNasty re: Ultimate Bet. I don't have poker tracker (I know...I should get it blah, blah, blah), so let me ask (i) does UB allow tournament histories to be emailed to you?, and (ii) is there any other way to verify wins/losses using UB.

Finally, if UB is $5+1, we should probably start with $60, so that when all of you LOSERS play your first 9 SNGs and LOSE (because you are LOSERS), you will still have enough for one last $5+1 SNG LOSS, LOSERS.

Smack talk just doesn't get any better than that.

At 1:14 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

UB SNG's are $5 + .50, so make it 55.oo.

I've always been a loser, so I am used to the smack talk, pardner.


At 8:39 AM, Blogger D said...

Count me in... Even with The move. I will be running around a lot in the near future. I do not want the challenge to be held up cause of me though. I am so popular here in Detroit that I every weekend is booked solid and are running into the weeknights. Sucks being so popular.

That said I will do it anyways, u guys need some kind of advantage anyways to level the field.

UB is cool with me I have an account every where. Only place I know that has very good details is Party. If you do a screen shot of account activites it shows every transaction. Also you can transfer money to other accounts on Party. Either way is fine with me.

As far holding the money, count me out I am Mexican I can't be trusted. Jordan aren't you a lawyer? I have never ran into a dishonest lawyer...Nuff said.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

I don't use Poker Tracker either, so that is a moot point for me as well. I'm not sure about screen shots or histories at UB, as I haven't really used them either.

Two strikes against Party, at least from my view. Their SNG's are $5 + 1 instead of $5 + .50 and their starting chip stacks are so low that it becomes a push fest with 8 or 9 people instead of 3 or 4.

That being said, I will still be in wherever you decide to play. I may need some "tutoring" on hand histories and screen shots.


At 10:38 AM, Blogger D said...

Good call about the 5 + .50, makes more sense. UB it is, lets keep it there, I will look tonight if I have a chance to see how easy it is to get some kind of tracking...I have no problem doing a screen shot of the tourney before I enter, then after I win. I can video tape my play if any of you want free lessons. If anyone uses AOL Instant Messenger when online let me know your nickname. Send it in an email to Dmmoreno at hotmail dot commie (fricking email address reading bots).

At 1:05 PM, Blogger STeelerJosh said...

Count me in, I need an excuse to play poker. HA

UB works fine for me, although the hand histories for SNG/Tournaments have to be entered in manually into Poker Tracker, Party Poker ones flow in automatically. That would be the one and only reason I would vote for Party.

I do really like the UB interface, especially for tournament/SNGs. You get all the chip stack avg, place information right in the table window, no bouncing around. The level of competition seems better there, may be a little tougher, but that would help us all.

Lastly, Administrata - Screen shots of the win or place would be pretty easy to do. Is the competition for the most increased bankroll from $55.00? (not for most wins, places, etc.) And, is the pot divided up SNG style? 50% - 1st, 30% 2nd, etc. or winner take all? As a conservative gambler, I like my odds on paying three, but that is a nice payday for a winner take all.

Anyway, like Derek on a tipsy Hispanic hot girl (with beer bottles in her blouse), I am IN IT!

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Kipper said...

In my Opinion.

1st 2nd 3rd would be a good idea if say we get 10 people in this competition. But if it is just 5 of us a winner take all would be good.

At 5:20 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

I'm with Kipper on this one. Right now there are five entrants. I would almost prefer not to invite others, because I trust the 4 of you, and $100 profit isn't too shabby (especially since DNasty is going to pay my way...zing!). So, what I suggest is that we see how things develop. We'll see if anyone else is even interested. If not, we can do winner takes all.

Damn, I'm itching to start this. I would not be adverse to having an overlap between the challenges. DNasty and I will have to work that out.

At 6:10 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I want in biatches!

I've been planning to sign up on Ultimate Bet soon cause I heard they have a "fold and show" option which I think every site should have. Plus I have a buddy who plays there and likes it. I'll definitely use pokersourconline as that sounds sweet. I need a new set of chips.

I'd definitely be down though so please consider me, sirs. I'll be out of town on business from July 13 - 15th, but should be good to go from there.

It's weird, but I was thinking about this back when I first started this blog...glad jordan is actually planning it's my post from earlier this year...

So what's the verdict. Am I in?!

Talk to you all soon.

Poker In Arrears

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