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If the Mystery of the Missing Rake (see the previous post for my Sistine Chapel of blog entries) wasn't weird enough, I checked StatCounter the company/service that tracks my hits, and on Monday, I received about 145 new users from a bunch of other blogs that are entirely not poker related and do not appear to be linked to me. More mysteries.

One thing that is not a mystery: I am great! I didn't mention it in the Hardy Boys post (again, read the last post), but last night I played the .50/1 limit tables and whooped some serious ass. I'm at +$99.97 or so. With another night like this, I will hit the +165 needed to move up to 1/2. I can't wait. Part of me is insanely happy, because if this continues, I could grind my $50 into $500 or more. Whoa! My calendar says that I am down $30 for the year, which is a sad sight. But I don't count online winnings until I've cashed out, so mentally I realize that I am actuall ahead.

On a related note...8C-Duecy Poker has re-opened. 8C-Duecy is my home game, because my apartment is 8C. Get it! Roose, Hole, Leano, Desi, Neo and myself, as well as a possible cameo from Mikey "Duesche Boyd" Aps and future-bro-in-law Marc should make for a good table. I'd like to play a tourney, but I'm going with the flow. The anticipation is wonderful.

Keep on reading, and I'll keep posting. Here's looking at you, Poker.

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