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A month ago, I received a mass office email about a Corporate Challenge charity 3.5 mile run. Of course, I ignored it...until I got a phone call from a co-worker down the hall with whom I did not have much of a relationship. I was surprised when he asked me why I wasn't participating. I thought for a while and said, I hadn't thought about it yet. I had just received the email. After a little bit of deliberating, I decided to sign up. I honestly don't think I can run 3.5 miles at a respectable time. In fact, since I've scoured the firm for other runners, it looks like I'll be walking with a crew (one of which will go drinking with me before race time). But I can't help thinking, why the hell am I doing this? I guess its part of being a team player.

Which is why I love poker. No team player there. I'm there to crush the competition. The two players who I consider the closest things to teammates are Dave Roose and Robbie Hole. But when they were playing at my homegame on Tuesday, I still went for blood when I played against them. That's the joy of poker. As social as I (sometimes) am, I still am a loner at heart. Poker allows me to be that loner in a table full of company.

Limit Challenge Update:
I can do no wrong lately. I played for maybe 60 minutes yesterday, at the most. I won $20 playing .50/1, for a 20BB/hour rate. Not too shabby. I've been hitting cards, but I've also been playing well. My aggressive 'strategy' is paying off. I consider it a 'strategy' in quotes because it is not something planned, but rather something that I've been getting into naturally. At a six-person table, I realize that most of the time, players are not hitting their cards. Or they are hitting bottom pair, or a low mid-pair. Against timid players, I still fold often when I have nothing post-flop. But when I'm in position and they check before me, I bet with an Ace high, inside straight draws, or even Q high. Other players are such calling stations its almost comedic. In one hand yesterday, I limp in LP with A2. SB and BB call. The flop is 28T. I raise, knowing that SB is tighter than a pair of H&M jeans. He folds like clockwork. But the BB, who has been a calling station, calls. No surprise there, but he couldn't be calling without any pairs. After all, I've been hitting pairs and making money off of him all night. The turn was a blank. Its checked to me, and I slow down a bit. I check. The river is another blank. Its checked to me and I raise. He calls...and I win with the 2s! I mean, how bad can he be? (Looking back, this isn't the best example of my prowess, as I should've bet the turn, but it illustrates my point that I can do no wrong, even when raising with 2s).

So, I'm at +121, just $34 from moving to 1/2. I hope the players are atrocious there also. Oddly, I've found the .50/1 worse than the .25/.50. It may be because there are more players at the .50/1 level, which means more opportunities to get a crappy player at my table (I refuse to use the term 'fish', for personal reasons). Regardless, my $50 is growing exponentially. Its a new feeling for me, as I've written earlier posts about how the online poker whoops my ass. I realize it was because I was playing too high stakes for my bankroll, and I was playing NL ring games a lot more. I guess limit is my new bread and butter. I might throw in some SNGs or MTTs to keep things fresh though. Regardless, I can't complain about making money. If you want to read about my past online poker complaints, check it out HERE. It may give you some perspective on where I'm coming from.

Love that Poker! (Props to anyone who knows what movie line I am referencing.)

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At 3:07 PM, Blogger Kipper said...

The limit challenge looks fun. I am going to have to try that with someone. My luck I would zero out my bankroll on the first night! That would be my luck.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Definitely try the limit challenge, Kipper. It's really help pace my game. Highly recommended.


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