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Hit and Run Progress, and a SNG Pitfall

I've moved up to +125 or so. I had some quick hit and run sessions, one of which was 5 min, and another was 7. Finally, I sat down for a 'long' 30 min session. Up, down, and then way up.

In my 30 min session, I started with KK holding up. Next, I played 3c4c. The flop was 2c5cQs. Bet. Turn is 6c. Straight flush again? Who are we kidding. Naturally, I take down the hand. Next, my Th6h hits mid-pair flush draw, and hits the flush on the turn. I can't lose. Well, actually, I did, but then the luck came back. Feels good.

I played in a 10 person table. I'm used to the 6 person, so it was an intersting change. The only notable hand was when my Ac7c hit a 477 flop. Some schmo with J4 stayed in the whole way. If I used the term 'fish' now would be the time. But I don't because I'm stubborn like that.

So, after all of this, I wanted to change things up and write. While I write, I've entered a 6 person SNG for...$30! Here is the play by play.

$30 SNG, 6 Person

10/20: Overplay an AJ from SB, and down to 925 (from 1000). KQ from button, hits Q high flop. But a player held an open straight draw and hits on the turn. I can't get away from my high pair, and I'm down to 510. I should've known better. Take down the blinds post-flop with 28 when the flop is 2A7. I bet the minimum and its enough to scare away players. Limp with JK on the button. AK6 board, and SB and BB check to me. One caller. 6 turn. Called. J river, but I check, and he has 36. UG! AK...limp. JQ8. Call a minimum raise, and hit the T. By the river, I am all in. He has A9? I have 720. I'm still the shortstack though. Gave up some chips on a stupid move, which actually ended with me being sucked out on the river. I called a min raise from BB with 36, hit a 6, and call some more min raises, until he hits a 9 on river with A9. I knew he had nothing. I should've raised at him sooner.

20/40: 440 in chips. All in on button. Called by 66, but flop a set and take it down! 940 in chips! 4/6. I player is out when his TT runs into KK. 5x3c. Three clubs on the flop. Long story short, I bluff him out (I think) when another club hits the river. 84o in BB. 4A6 flop. I bet, and two players fold for another small pot. This is what they are talking about when they say you don't need good cards to make money. 1320, 2/5. AT in BB. Button raises 2x blind. SB calls. I call. A25 flop. I check. Button minimum raises. I call. K. Two flush draws. 4c, no flush. I check. He bets low. He takes the pot with 25o. At least I didn't volunteer any money. 960. 3/5.

50/100: Hammer in BB. SB is the only other one in. Raise, he calls. Then he goes all in on a shitty flop. I fold. 510. 5/5. Someone else is out when JJ runs into QQ. Four way, and I'm a major shortstack. I fold the BB with 59 with a better and caller. I wouldnt have hit the flop, so it was a good move...I guess. All in in the SB no matter what...and I get Q4o. Against JT and the J comes. LEMON!

I didn't play my best game. I think the play by play may've hurt. At least I can rest easy knowing that my limit challenge is doing well. Back to grinding.

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