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Can't Touch This

Thank you Cablor and Gamblor. The god of cable and god of gambling shown bright upon me last evening. After avoiding my cable-less, Internet-less apartment for more entertaining surroundings (and the best Mexican food in the NYC), I returned to full service following the Internet and cable blackout that began two days ago. I hopped onto some limit challenge action at Noble, and preceded to whoop some sorry a$$.

It was a massacre. Two of my biggest hands came from one particularly bad player, murph (shortened so that he can feel somewhat anonymous and hide from his shame). In the first hand, I was sitting on the button with AKo. Surprisingly, by the time it got around to me, murph had raised, and mid-position had re-raised. Well, I checked, but murph was kind enough to cap. The flop was Ad2d6h. Murph bet. MP called. I raised. Usually, I wait until another card comes off before raising a bet. My logic is, if I call the flop bet, he will probably bet again on the turn, where my raise will be worth more money and he will be more obliged (pot odds) to call. Not this time, though. I could feel the action at the table. I raise. Murph calls. MP calls. The next card was an 8c. Murph bets. MP calls. I raise. Murph calls, but MP folds. Good move MP. Now I am a bit concerned. Maybe murph has a flush draw, or maybe he has pocket 2s or 6s. But I've got a great kicker, and if he paired that Ace and didn't hit two pair, I'm golden. I raise, and murph calls. The river is another blank. Now what? Murph bets. I raise. He calls. Then I take down the hand with Aces, with a King kicker. Murph, like a good little lapdog, shows his cards, AJ! Sucka!

And that, my friends, is why you must be very careful with AJ.

I then proceeded to bet and raise just about everything. I was getting decent cards. Pocket 7s. AT twice in a row. AQ. Followed by some foldable hands, and then AA. I can't remember much about the AA hand. I do know this. I more or less bet and raised the entire way. There were two callers most of the way, and then one folder on the river. My good man murph was kind enough to pay to play and got to see my beautiful bullets. Brickasha!

Other notable hands include back to back wins with...say it with me...cue David Roose inappropriately and obviously pounding the table with his fist...the HAMMER! In the first hand, I bet pre-flop ('cause that's how I do) and flopped top pair! That's right. The board was 4x5x7x. I bet at it, and had one caller. The turn was a Tx. I bet. One caller. The river was a Kx. Was I slowing down? Hell no! Bet, one caller. Pair of 7s did it. I show my hammer, and announce a meke "hammer!". What do I see in the very next hand...hammer time! I bet pre-flop, and I get a couple of caller. Hell, they know I'm willing to bet pre-flop with the worst hand, so might as well call the madman. Now, my hand was 2h7s. The flop was 2s8x9s. Yikes! Bottom pair. I have no choice, but to bet. Two callers. Ok then. Turn is a Js. Wha? Flush draw too now. And a straight draw. And a straight flush draw. Bet, one caller. Now, I have to assume he has an 8 or a 9. I need to hit this, and I need to hope he doesn't have the better of it. 4s comes out. I hit the flush. But is my 7s enough. Let's bet and find out. I bet. He calls. I win! HAHAHAHA! This time it was a strong "HAMMER!", followed by "two in a row", followed by "HAHAHAHA" (lol is for teeny-boppers). Some guy at the table told me to relax. I can't think of anything more relaxing than picking up the hammer in a micro limit twice in a row and winning. Table tilted, and I cleaned up.

The total take for yesterday must've been about $40+, in about 1 1/2 hrs of play. In total, my limit challenge winnings are at $155, and I need to hit $160 (or is it $165) before I move up a level to 1/2. I can't friggin' wait.

Tonight I have my 2nd homegame since its revival last week. Lineup includes perrenial favorites Roose and Hole, rare appearances by Wanderman and DJ Mock, and possible appearances by Dave Ruff (an understated shark), Dr. Dre (last week's big winner), and Katzner (fellow lawyer/gambler). Should be a good time.

Got much to do, so I'm out. The SNG challenge is falling into place. The location will be UB. The entry fee/prize pool is $25 per person (currently 4 players, see last post). The starting bankroll will be $55. Players will have four weeks to increase that bankroll as much as possible, playing any SNGs, excluding heads up SNGs. Should make for some interesting blogging.

If you'd like to learn more about the SNG challenge, contact your local library, leave a comment or email at Leave off the last S for Smack Talk.

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