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You Decide #3

Woe is me. I entered a $20 rebuy because it was $2000 guaranteed and only 50 players. I later realized that with rebuys and add ons, the guarantee would definitely be surpassed. But que sera.

I rebought once, right before the add-on. I skipped the add-on. So, my online bankroll has dipped south of $100. To make matters worse, I then lost about $12 on .50/1 limit, and $10 on NL Omaha. Boo hoo. I'm already over it. Its part of the game.

So, in my last hand of the $20 tournament, I may have messed up. I was in the small blind with a mere 1100 in chips (start w/ 2000) and SB/BB of 300/600. One player went all in, and all others folded. With 1100 in chips and a BB with a mere 1500, I thought the all in player was probably not holding anything dominating. I held Q9, suited diamonds. I decided to call. The BB folded. The All In guy had KT. I did not hit my pair, and lost.

Did I play it wrong? Should I have been more patient and waited for a better hand? I thought, at the time, that an All In call by me would allow me to double up, on top of the 600 BB, without worrying about a lot of callers. What do you think?

Wish me luck. Tonight I'll hopefully play at Robbie Hole's birthday poker extravaganza. I'll be showing up late, and not drinking, so I expect a loose, sloppy table. On Tuesday, I'm playing in Desi's bi-weekly home game. That should be good too. Lots of poker. So little time.

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