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Quick Update

Hey all. Here is a quickie. I started playing my usual .05/.10 limit game after work, attempting to get my Golden Palace bankroll back up to $20, eventually. I think once I hit $10, I will consider playing the .10/.20 game.

I was once told a formula to determine if you are short stacked. Add the small blind to the big blind and multiply that number by ten. If you have less than than number, you are short stacked.

Let's apply the formula to my .05/.10 game. .10+.05=.15x10=$1.50. So, when I sit at the table with $2, I'm in good shape, but I could be in better shape.

Now, I would like a formula to determine how much of your bankroll you should risk on a game. I'd like to think that I need at least 50% of my bankroll off of the table when I am down to a low bankroll. When my bankroll can handle it, I only want 25% on the table. When I am in great shape, I don't think 10% on the table (90% in reserves) is unreasonable.

So, anyway, my Quick Update got sidetracked. But here is why I signed on. From $4.11, I am now up to $8.05. I basically doubled up. Not bad. I'll probably play a little more tonight, once the fiance hits the sack. Or maybe while we watch the rest of the Bachelor. That's right. I am watching the Bachelor. Don't you judge me! Besides, its good wholesome family entertainment. Love that ABC.

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At 7:53 AM, Blogger D said...

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