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Top of the Hill

Yo yo yo! I am sorry to dissappoint, but I won myself $270. BOOYA! I came in 1st out of over 250 people (if I'm not mistaken, there were more than 300 players). From my last post, you know that in January 2005, I came in 2nd. In February 2005, I took 1st. And now, after a bumpy March, I was victorious when I took 1st place once again.

Victory is mine.

This is why the site is called High on Poker. There is that moment, when you win a hand and everything is rosey. I'm still basking in the afterglow. Tomorrow, I am going to want to tell everyone I know about how I kicked some poker ass. Ah...

Okay, so I've decided to withdraw $150 of my winnings, bringing my yearly total to +$304. I only count online money as a win when it is withdrawn. A deposit into an online account is an instantaneous loss, according to my accounting. Its a system that keeps my numbers easy.

With my $150, I can play in larger games than .05/.10 limit. I'd like to try my hand at limit a little longer, since I've only played limit at the lower levels. I'm not sure what my bankroll can handle. I'm thinking .50/1 tables. If I sit with 20$, it will be similar to sitting at .05/.10 with $2. Realistically, I probably should, and will, sit at the .50/1 with more (like $30, which is 20x the BB and SB together).

The best part is, this win has given me a new sense of confidence. First off, with more money, I can play higher tables. I won't feel like the bottom-feeder that I have been as of late. Second, I can now say, with pride, that I took 1st in a 200+ person tournament twice in three months, and took 1st or 2nd three times in four months. That consistency reminds me of why I dream to go professional. It makes me feel like I have a legitimate chance. We will see how that actually turns out. Finally, my yearly bankroll is healing from the Vegas hemmorage. This is crucial, as it helps my poker self esteem to know that I am up a significant amount (or at least getting there). I was worried that my humble $1200 goal for the end of the year was out of reach after Vegas. Not so, anymore. I'm about $100 behind schedule, but I'm moving faster than expected.

So, that is all. I feel validated and renewed. Look for more big winnings in future days.

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