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$1000 Freeroll In Progress and Looking Good

I am in the middle of a $1000 freeroll (i.e., free) tournament on Golden Palace. I came in 2nd in January, winning $170. In February, I came in 1st, winning $270. I don't think I played in March. If I did, I lost.

April 2005. I decided to play tonight after returning from a night of $1 beers at Third & Long (an old Tuesday tradition), and Kim and my favorite burritos (and sangria) at Baby Bo's. I lost $2, playing drunk poker in a .05/.10 limit game. I also entered the $1000 freeroll. And while it isn't over, I'm looking good (come back for my later post in which I complain about the suckout that made me lose, out of the money!).

I was playing the tournament half-distracted watching TV with Kim and playing in the limit ring game. But when I lost all of my cash in the ring game, I was able to focus on the tournament, with about 1000 of the 2000 in chips with which I started the tournament. Somehow, with some luck, and some amazing play (thanks to my selective hands), I was up to 20,000 by the break, with only 58 of the original 240 people still in the running. Payout starts at 27.

So, here is where it gets good. In the first hand after the break, I took out a player with 10,000 chips and moved to the overall chipleader. There are now only 34 players left.

The hand that placed me in first went as follows. I had 20K in chips and KQ off suit in my hand, in middle position. The table was playing really tight. I usually hate KQ, because its an easy hand to overvalue. Even if you hit a pair, an Ace on the board can give someone a better pair. Even worse, a person with the same pair and an Ace in the pocket (AQ of AK) can beat you and fool you into betting big. Somehow, though, with the chiplead and a hunch, I felt like playing it. I called the 800 blind and raised another 800. All folded to the big blind, BOC. BOC called.

The flop was Qh Tc 6h. BOC bet 8,655 and was all-in. I called 8,655. It was like taking candy from a baby. BOC had A8. The turn and river were 2s and Ts. I won the hand and took the chip lead.

Wish me luck. Of course, by the time you read this is, it will be over. I'm no longer the chipleader, so my attention is needed. Adios.

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