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Making My Own Action

Online has continued to be a disaster. For the first time in about a week, I've ended the day up, about $10. However, overall, I went from 125$ after my tournament win, to about $59. Not good. I'm getting shit hands, and worse flops. But that is okay by me. I understand that it is inevitable in poker.

On the home game front, I was seriously disappointed when Desi's home game, planned for tonight, was cancelled due to a poor response. I used to host home games regularly, and a lot of work goes into setting up a game. I guess if the players were as poker-focused (read: addicted) as I am, then it wouldn't be an issue. But that is not the case, so every once in a while, a game folds. Or worse, a home game dries up totally, like mine did a few months ago.

In order to make my own action, I've set up two potential home games. I called Mikey Aps, aka Duesche Boyd, to see if he was holding his usual Thursday game. Duesche got his nickname due to his obnoxious poker demeanor (think Hellmuth) and the visor and sunglasses he occassionally wears (think Boyd). Regardless of his style, he is a great player. He runs with a crew of work friends who are also solid players.

Aps (I will avoid calling him Duesche) got me into poker in the first place. His was the first home game I attended. I started bringing friends and his games exploded. Unfortunately, I was looking for a steady game, and Aps couldn't commit as much as I'd liked. So I started throwing my own games. His games were still happening, but less often. Now that my games are done, I guess his are back to running. By attending, I could bring in a bunch of new players. Plus, I would bet that all of the usual players know each other's game pretty well. I can roll in as the enigma.

The only shortcoming to Aps' game is the distance. Aps is deep in Queens, so travel via subway takes 30-45 minutes. It can be tough on weeknights. But I love poker, so I'll make due.

The second game that I am arranging will be at my apartment, this upcoming Monday. This is a big deal to me, since I have not hosted a home game in about a month. If any readers would like to attend, please post a comment or send me an email. I am in NYC, in the financial district (near Wall St). Its a .25/.50 cash game, where players usually buy in for $20. I don't think anyone has lost more than $100 for a night, but players usually don't win much more than $100 (it has happened though). Its a friendly drinking atmosphere. Game time is 7pm.

Keep leaving comments. It's always good to see that someone is reading. And good luck with all of your poker pursuits.

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