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Hamily Business

Let's get to it, big boppers. Last night, I didn't play a lick of poker. I had to go to Pennsylvania for a deposition where I utterly choked and then had a 2 hour car drive home to wallow in it. By the time I was home, I was in full fledge depressed hermit mode, but my Floridian cousins were in town and were in my brother's apartment, a mere three floors below mine. Thank god, too. I had no real reason to be so bummed about my poor performance. I am my own worst critic and the net effect was tiny. It's not as though it would seriously affect the case, my job, or any money going into my pocket, so a distraction of drinks, dinner, and more drinks was just what I needed to fend off the funk.

Ironically, it is at these times that I feel the greatest urge to play poker. It may be a need to escape, or even worse, a Freudian means to punish myself by losing money. The irony is that, as we all know, when one is emotionally distraught, it is often the worst time to play.

I had hoped to go to AC for a day trip this weekend. Wifey Kim is undergoing Japanese hair straightening as we speak, a process that will save her an hour every morning blowdrying her hair. After the process, though, she cannot wash or get her hair wet for 48 hours, so we play to hole up in the apartment like it's a snow day. I'll be playing the role of emissary to the outside world. Hopefully, if the weather is somewhat decent, we'll see Matty Ebs performance at Comix Comedy Club in NYC (Saturday, 6pm start time), but that will be a game-day and hair-day decision.

I was going to escape to AC while wifey Kim was stuck at home, but I chose to stay home. Turns out that wifey Kim > poker. No real surprise to me. Another non-surprise: I'll probably be playing online poker all day Saturday anyway.

Tonight, I'll be at the Shea Stadium half of the Subway Series double header. I got a call a few days ago from an old college buddy about another buddy's impending nuptuals. They had extra tickets for the game, which should be followed by some bachelor party mayhem, so at least I got that going for me.

Since nothing is going on in my little poker world, let's turn to the WSOP and my WSOP Prop Bets. Rather than give a full view of my usual props, I'll just make note that Erik Seidel made another final table, so I'm down $6 to UWannaBet. Otherwise, it's mostly quiet as the big names finish up the $50K HORSE event. On that note, my horse race against Joe (Unimpressed) is going well. We picked three players each in a last longer bet in the $50K HORSE event (Joe's Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein and David Benyamine vs. my Patrik Antonius, Erick Lindgren and Andy Bloch). I made my picks based on people running hot who have strong skills in multiple games and don't tend to choke. Looks like both of our picks were fairly on the money. With only 67 players left out of the original 148, Barry Greenstein is in the lead for our picks, sitting in 2nd place, followed by Lindgren and Bloch in or near the top 10. Ivey is also still in the event, in the middle of the pack. Overall, we both have one man out, but my two guys are both in decent chip position, even though Joe has the current lead.

I think it's also time to name a winner for the Nickname for a Nickname Contest. I asked for alternative nicknames based on the nickname Pauly Ham Hands. The winner of $11 to be transfered via FT or Stars is...RAISING CAYNE! There are a couple of great ones, and I may just use them all, but Cayne wins the huge prize (and the copious tax forms) for his clever inclusion of Pauly's first name and the pork product that Pauly's hands most resemble: P'All-In-The-Hamily. Just seeing it makes me smile. Other fine entries include Mary's wonderful-but-slightly-too-insider Pauly Honeybaked Hellmuth (his last name isn't Hellmuth, but it starts with an H and for effect, I just added Hellmuth's last name), Bub's Pauly Pork Pockets (who doesn't love a good alliteration), and gunslinger's Fantastic Hams, which I assume is a takeoff of "fantastic gams" an old school way of complimenting a chick's legs. There is just something funny about moving Pauly's Ham nickname from his hands to his legs.

Cayne, drop me a comment or email (you can click the Email tab at the top of the site) and I'll send you your $11 right away. Thanks to everyone else who played along.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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