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Tick-Tick-Tick-Boom! The Hammer Interlude

It's time for a little message from our sponsor, the Hammer! I was playing a 4 person HU SNG, and having won my first game relatively quickly, I watched the other table to pick up reads. The one thing I got was that the players were both fairly tight, but also overvalued pairs.

Eventually, Zand won, and faced me HU in a battle that would last one hand:

I am dealt the hammer 2c7d in the BB. Preflop, Zand raises 3x the BB to 120. I call with the hammer. The flop is 296, for bottom pair. I bet 240 and Zand calls. The turn is 7c. Two-pair! I bet 720 (pot) and he calls. The river is an As. I push all-in for my remaining 1920 (less than pot). He calls, Q9o.

What's the moral of the story? Don't bring a Q9 to a hammer fight, beyotch!

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I'm thinking you could use this.


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