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Humble Pie

I have to thank everyone today. I just looked at StatCounter, and on Wednesday, I had just short of 200 hits. More importantly, I had 107 unique return visitors.

I guess I've said this all before, but I'm saying it again. This blog started as a pet project. It was a way to think about and "play" poker when I couldn't play poker.

From the blog, I've met great people. That goes without saying. What still amazes me is that people seem to like what I am doing. As an amatuer artist, I was once put on artist tilt by a fellow artist when he told me that I always sought other people's opinions and acceptance of my work. Well, he can go fuck himself, because, to me, part of art is putting yourself on display. I wanted people to respond to my art because, in a way, they were responding to me. I feel the same way about this blog. If no one reads it, if no one 'gets' it, then it is little more than literary masterbation. Not that masterbation isn't fun.

So, let me say thank you to All In magazine, which has added a blog watch on their website. It's good to see some more poker blogging legitimacy.

Thank you also to Pokerworks, home of Linda, the bestest dealer/blogger around. If you don't read Linda's Table Tango, you are missing out big time.

And of course, thanks to Mark and The Flop radio show for having Trip and me on (yes, that is correct grammar) to discuss blogs, poker and the DADI events.

I don't know what happened to the WPBT, but I must admit that I am a big sadenned that I was a little late showing up for the 'party', so to speak. The WPBT is the World Poker Bloggers Tour, which was set up to run blogger events. There was a leader board and everything, but in my recent search, I've found nothing. I don't know if it has been officially disbanded or what, but I suppose the DADI events, Wheaton events and Mookie events, as well as random other blogger made tourneys, like April's HORSE tourney and the upcoming SirOldMan's Tiltfest tourney (this Sunday at 8:30pm) have filled the gap. All I know is, I would like to see a new leader board for these things.

Okay, so onto my daily update on my trials and tribulations. I played some 1/2 limit on Doyle's. I lost a couple of bucks, but under $5. As for online cash games, its going to have to be limit for me. Either that, or I need to drop in levels when it comes to online NL, to .10/.25, I guess. Bottom line, anything that involves fractions of dollars smaller than 1/2 kind of bothers me. I mean .25/.50 blinds I can handle, but when I have to conceptualize posting a dime, I feel like I may as well use play money. It's a bad attitude, but at least I'm handling it maturely by avoiding the NL cash games all together.

I played two 18-person $10 SNGs on Stars. In one, I was the chipleader when it was down to 5. But I lost some focus and lost a lot of my lead. My QQ finally went against A9 on a player I barely had covered. We were all-in preflop, due, I'm sure, to my constant betting and bluffing (this was how I initially took my lead, stealing the massive blinds repeatedly). Alas, he hit his Ace on the flop, and I was hurt badly. I eventually went out in 4th, netting $8 profit. Lovely. I lost the other SNG after being cold decked most of the way. That's the way poker goes. At least in the 2nd SNG, GCox, SirFWalGman and DNasty were in on the action. I think it was DNasty, but it may have been Surflexus.

In addition, I played a 70+ person MTT on FullTilt. It was Stud h/l, and I sucked donkey balls most of the way, but managed to eke out a 28th place finish for no money.

All in all, I think I lost about $15. But this doesn't bother me none.

Today, I leave the office at 2:15 or so for a doctor's appointment. I don't plan on returning. I feel like crap. My throat is sore, and I think I might have some type of polyp or something in it. I also am achey all over. At least when I get home, I'll have some time for pokah!

Take it easy like Sunday morning.

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