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Jordan Talks Smack

Jordan Talks Smack to You!

Hey you little whiny bitch! You think you can beat me heads up? Hahahaha! You've got to be kidding me! Aw, don't cry. Really. It isn't your fault...that you SUCK!

Huh? You want a piece of this! Well you are about to get the whole thing. See you tonight at the DADIII Heads Up Championship. $10+1 at PokerStars at 9PM, ya panty waste. That's Eastern Standard Time too, cause only prags go by the other time zones. And if you don't know, the Password is BlogsAreGay, just like you. And don't foget to bring a tissue...and a tampon, you whiny bitch!

Jordan Talks Smack to Others!
I had a great run last night. I won about $35 playing 1/2 on Bodog in about 20 minutes. I was smart enough to call it quits at that point. Meanwhile, I won a little less than $10 playing .25/.50 NLHE there. More profit! After, I switched to FullTilt. I did something that I rarely do and entered an SNG for a $24 token (to MTTs). I usually avoid Satellites because I'd rather win cash. It didn't make a difference anyway. I ended up bubbling out. Even so, I played well throughout, so I'm glad with my play. I also played a $10 6-person SNG on Full Tilt, where at one point I held probably 90% of the chips. I ended up taking 2nd though, and while 1st would have been preferable, some suckouts were bound to happen.

I held AQo in the BB. It folds to the GabboAA, the SB, who raises from 100 to 300. I reraise to 700 to determine if its a steal or a legitimate hand. He reraises me all-in for about 2.5K more chips. So, I fold. He has something legitimate, I'm sure. He shows AA. And then he realized that he was a tool and gives me an excuse to talk some smack:

GabboAA: i might have saved you some chips there
HighOnPoker: ill take full credit for saving myself chips
HighOnPoker: a lesser man would've called
GabboAA: haah, if i smooth call there you lose alot more chips
HighOnPoker: you'd think so

On the next hand, I call his preflop raise with 46s, hoping to hit. The flop is 347. He checks and I push all-in. I know he didn't pair his high cards. As soon as I push, we have this exchange:

i knew you were pushing
HighOnPoker: you know a lot
GabboAA: and you dont have anything
HighOnPoker: call me
GabboAA: i have A6 suited
HighOnPoker: pay to play
GabboAA: but i'll let you steal
HighOnPoker: thanks
HighOnPoker: does it feel good
HighOnPoker: letting me steal?
GabboAA: eat a &&!$
HighOnPoker: hahaha

Foolish mortal! When will they ever learn...

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At 12:41 PM, Anonymous WeakPlayer said...

You are cowboys? That is so brokeback mountain. Go eat some pudding. See ya tonight.

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Garthmeister J. said...

Oh great. Way to make me feel lame about being pocket Kings as well Weak. You suck.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous WeakPlayer said...

It was directed at Jordan, due to his predilection for smack talk. I don't think being KK makes you gay.... Unless you are Jordan. As for me, I am the hammer. Boo-yah!!!

At 6:21 PM, Anonymous WeakPlayer said...

Being KK doesn't make you gay, Garth; it makes Jordan gay. And only because this is smack-talk time. As for me, I am the hammer!!! Boo-yah!!!

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous WeakPlayer said...

didn't think that comment #3 got posted; please delete it. thx.

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Jordan from HighOnPoker said...

I don't appreciate your homophobia, fag.


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