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I appreciate everyone's patience with me as I reduce my blogging duties to focus on my upcoming trial. I'll admit that the lack of posts is due in large part to my lack of play. Lately, I want nothing more than to kick back and play some mindless videogames or watch some mindless television or my new favorite, sit out on my roof with an after-dinner drink while I clear my head.

My trial is coming up on Monday, and as we approach it, I feel more and more certain that the case will settle. My client seems to finally understand some of the pitfalls of his case and hopefully has accepted my explanation that a settlement ensures that he has at least some money even if it won't make his life whole again. The alternative, naturally, is to try the case, but the difficulties with his case, coupled with the uncontrollability of a jury means that he sincerely has no chance of getting the amount of money he thinks will make him whole.

In the meantime, I've been slugging away, preparing the case while juggling my other cases. I expected my trial to be a lot more time consuming than it actually is. Apparently, a lot will be done on the fly if the trial does happen, so all I can do now is get my ducks in a row and expect a super hectic week next week. Or, it'll settle and I will have the exact opposite, a very quiet week. It's hard gambling between those two extremes, so I will hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

This weekend, wifey Kim made plans with her pregnant friend in Connecticut and another friend from Long Island. Wifey Kim and the LI girl will be heading to Connecticut on Saturday and staying overnight. Her trip conveniently alligned with what I expected to be a cramming weekend in prep for trial, but as I near the finish line, I am finding that I have time to build sandcastles. That's when my mind starts working overdrive and I find myself considering another gamble.

Atlantic City.

The scenario, if it happens, will go something like this. Content that I can do no more to prepare myself for trial, I can probably catch a bus to Atlantic City around noon on Saturday for about $33. Once we arrive at AC, I get a voucher for $20 from the drop-off casino. I will cash that in and head over to a poker room. I can play all day and night at my own pace, and when ready, catch the return bus home. Assuming I catch a noon bus and arrive in AC around 3pm (more likely 2:30), I can get in a solid 6 hours and still catch a 9:30 bus home, arriving back to NY before midnight. Or, if I so choose, I can catch a midnight bus back or later, and sleep late on Sunday.

It's a real gamble for a couple of reasons. First, the idea of heading to AC solo is a gamble. I've done it once before, but in a place where people are engaging in vices with reckless abandon and I am carrying a roll of cash, safety is always a concern. Second, this may not look good to the family and I don't want to be the kind of guy who lies about his vice. Third, and probably the most important, if my head is elsewhere (the trial), will it affect my play? This is my greatest concern. Heading to AC for a few hours and winning some cash can be a nice day. Going to AC for a few hours and losing a lot of cash? Not so much fun, particularly when I need to shore up the confidence going into Monday.

Gamble gamble gamble. What to do? It's not the worst problem in the world to have, but it's definitely an odd one.

Until next time, make mine poker.

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At 11:40 AM, Blogger Alceste said...

Hey -- Assuming you're all set for trial and still wanting to go down to AC, we're likely driving down there saturday morning if you want a ride. Just give me a shout at my work e-mail if you're interested.


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