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LivePokerRadio Blog Addendum

Look, I like Instant Tragedy, I really, really do, but I cannot let this stand.

I'm all for blogger tournaments, and if you host one and decide to do a live blog, I'm all for that too, but you can't miss the big hands, especially when you are in the hand. I mean, Jesus!

Ok, let me back up a minute. IT hosts the Monday night tournament, which has taken the time slot vacated by my favorite weekly tournament (largely due to buy-in, structure and the Monday spot), the Hoy. I was ripping shit up in the Hoy this last few months, so I figured I'd bring my brand of awesomeness to the LPR game.

When IT mentioned that he was live blogging, I decided to keep an eye on the LPR site. After all, IT was at my table and I hoped to get some insight into his play while in progress. So, when I took most of IT's chips with a fantastic play, I sat back and hit that refresh button waiting to see IT sing my praises. Well, I wait to this day.

For shame on you, IT, for shame!

Oh, and IT won the friggin' thing, even after I shamed him with my superiority. What a luckbox.

So, allow me to create this addendum to IT's live blog of last night's LPR tournament:

To be inserted between the 9:10 and 9:14 entries, which notably is Central Time, by far the second worst time zone in the Continental US. Yeah, that's right, second. Don't look at me like that Mountain zone. You know what you did.

9:13- I, Instant Tragedy (4290), limp with KQo for 40 in early position and then call a raise to 140 from that very handsome devil, HighOnPoker (3840). I call because I find him so oddly appealing that it makes me question my own sexuality.

The flop is KAA. HoP hesitates and then bets 300 into the 300 pot. The pot bet looks like a steal on the scary flop and he probably doesn't have an Ace, so I call.

The turn is a 6 of diamonds, making a possible flush draw.

Ah hah! HoP checks out of position, so he clearly does not have an Ace! I'm in great position, so I bet 550 into the 900 pot, hoping to keep the sucker on the line. He re-raises the minimum, which is odd and confuses me. I just call, assuming that he doesn't have the Ace and either has a weaker King-kicker or still is trying to make a move. Oh, silly HoP. When will you learn that you cannot win at poker with your pretty, ocean-blue eyes and well-trimmed beard alone.

The river is an inconsequential 8, made extra inconsequential because I've got him dead to rights.

WHAT?! HoP bets out $1100??? Why, that's like most of his chips?! Why would he do that?! Does he have a hand? Oh my Lord. What am I to do?! I can re-raise, but then he's priced in. I can fold, but based on the way that he played, there is no way he has an Ace... Oh, I'll just call.

HoP shows AQo. WHAT!?! He totally pwned and owned me on that one. Good god! He cannot be stopped. Let's hope he has to sit out for 30 minutes when the blinds get high because he prioritizes wifey Kim over poker and she wants to spend some time with him. I'm crossing my fingers. Oh me oh my.

That concludes the addendum to the LPR live blog.

Until next time, make mine poker!

posted by Jordan @ 9:16 PM,


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Fuel55 said...

LOL ...

At 11:29 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

that's gold j.

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

HighonPoker, my bitch on Monday, is my bitch yesterday :-) once again. And if you want to know my thought process...

"Freaking asstard Jordan, probably has the hammer. Standard pot bet. I think I can catch one card to beat him. Hell, I have KQ. He's got the Hammer I tell you. Well hell, down to under 1400, guess I better tighten it down gCox style and win the damn thing."

Of which I did.


You and me FT again tonight? It would be a miracle cause instead of playing I'm going to be railing Waffles to success or failure. Doesn't matter to me. I win either way!


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Gold, Jerry, Gold


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