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Double Bubble

Does it count as a bubble if you are two off of the money? I mean, it's bubbly, right? And I'm not talking about a single table tournament either. I'm talking an 18-spots pay PLO tournament ($26 buy-in) and a 6-spots paying Mookie.

I don't know about you, but its bubble enough for me. I bit too bubbly, in fact.

Yep, last night saw me disappoint myself not once, but twice, after some initial success earning myself a $75 token via FT's nightly 9:45 pm EST $15 Token Frenzy MTT. This has got to be one of the softest MTTs around, and each time I play it, I am always shocked that there aren't more poker bloggers in it with me. The Token Frenzy is like the mongoloid, overgrown big brother to the Token SNG. Just sit and fold for a few hours and collect yourself a $75 token. I wish I could explain more, but there isn't anything more to explain. I can play that tournament with my eyes shut. In fact, I pretty much did last night, since I was busy concentrating on the two debacles.

The first was the $4k Guaranteed Omaha Hi MTT. I was playing gangbusters, choosing my spots extremely carefully. And the best part was, I was making the right reads and the right plays. For instance, on a seemingly innocuous flop of 998, rainbow, I continuation bet my pocket AAxx, only to get an all-in call for less from a shortie and a push from the big stack. The big stack was playing uber loose, but I was faced with a difficult decision. His re-push could have been one of two things. The first is an isolation play. A player with a weak and a huge stack may want to get HU because he has a greater chance or having his mediocre hand beat the desperate shortie. The other possible answer was that he had the 9, which didn't initially make sense, given his position and his call preflop. I hovered over the call button (and yes, Omaha players, AA is not gold, but I didn't have full faith in the big stack's sincerity, and I could lose to the all-in for less and still make a tidy profit if I won against biggie). But I folded, and sure enough, both showed a 9.

That's not anything terribly impressive, but I remember it as an awakening for myself. I was playing smart, patient poker and I had a real chance to go deep.

A little while later, I faced an almost identical situation, except I was HU with the big stack. This time, his overpush on the paired rainbow board felt fishy, so I called with my AAxx and doubled through his JJxx.

Not that it makes a difference. For some reason, down to 20 with 18 paying, sitting in 12-16th place, I made an ill advised play against (now ex-)big stack once again. I had no reason to think that he was calling with anything more than rags. I had AQTx. The flop was 86A and we both checked. I began to think my A was good. The turn was a 2 and I bet out. He raised enough to constitute half of my stack. This time, though, I made the wrong play, pushing all-in, which would essentially put my ex-big stack all-in as well. He called and showed A882. When the river came a Ten, I was excited because my AT outdrew his 22. Then I noticed his stupid 88, good for a flopped set. I basically hung myself on this one.

In the Mook, my ending was less exciting. I was the second short stack coming into the final table and eventually had to push to stay in it. I believe I pushed with KQ, got called by Ax, and busted. Or that was the hand that set up my bust hand. Whatever the case, I'm not too upset with my play there. If anything, my error was not chipping up earlier, but that's better than spewing chips right before the bubble.

After busting from both, I tried to regain my composure. Dealing with losses is the hardest part of this wretched game. It can make even the most confident man doubt himself; it can make even the most ballsy man shrivel. I just sat on the couch, motionless and emotionless, trying to play through my errors in my head. Bubbling is becoming a bad habit, but at least I am getting near the money.

Let me offer a big FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS to Spectra Bingo, who doesn't deserve a link. Cocksuckers insist on spamming my god damn blog daily, from some two bit twat named abigail. Fortunately, I get notifications for all comments. Unfortunately, that means that every morning, I have to locate an old post and erase this ho bags comment. I even emailed the site twice to no avail. Fucking fucks. In the few times this has happened in the past with other companies, usually an email will suffice. It's fair to say that the cunts at Spectra are a bunch of fucking douschebag con men, so I highly recommend that you avoid that site at all costs. The fuckers aren't worthy of my taint, let alone my time.

Today's WSOP Prop Bet update. Not much has changed aside from Ingoal's horse, Danny N, making it to the $2k LHE final table. Ug! I'll just copy/paste and put the new stuff in bold.

- I lead the Most Cash Won bet, now that all three of my picks have cashed. Most recently, Phil Ivey took 9th in Event #14, the $10k Stud World Championship for $37,130, Allen Cunningham took 22nd place in Event #10, $2,500 OE, good for $6,247, and Johnny Chan placed 13th in Event #8, the $10k Mixed Game Championship, good for $27,072. ($70449, total) . Fuel is on the board with $8,103 thanks to Sorel Mizzi's 68th place finish in Event 5, the $1000 rebuy. His two other picks, Jonathan Little and the Poker Brat, Phill Hellmuth, have yet to cash since our bet began with Event #3. Ivey is close to the top spot going into Day 2 of Event #22, $3k HORSE, but that means nothing...yet.

Ingoal- Ingoal leads the Most Cash Won bet thanks to Daniel Negreanu ($16,496, 22nd place, Event 5, $1000 rebuy and $33,417 for 11th place in Event #14, the $10k Stud World Championship). Danny also has final tabled Event #20, the $2k Limit Hold'em event. I anxiously await his continued dominance. My two horses, Bill Chen and TJ Cloutier have yet to cash since our bet began with Event #3. His horse for most bracelets won, Greg Raymer, is still holding steady going into day 2 of Event #22, $3k HORSE.

UWannaBet - UWanna still leads our Most FT/Bracelets bet thanks to Michael Binger (Final Table, Event 5, $1000 rebuy). He also almost had a second final table with Brandon Cantu's 9th place finish in Event 10, OE. As it now stands, UWanna is still ahead $3. Binger is holding onto by the skin of his teeth in Event #22, $3k HORSE, but needs to final table to win anything for UWanna.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time, make mine poker!

posted by Jordan @ 9:10 AM,


At 11:05 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

The sort of good news is - even though you didn't cash the Mook - at least you were free rollin' from our prop bet.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Haha. I practically forgot about the prop bet. Thanks, Trip.

At 6:53 PM, Blogger Uwannabet? said...

Seidel final tabled in the Seven Card Stud (Event 14) finished 5th.

U betta rwrekgonize!

At 5:54 AM, Blogger Ingoal said...

"Congratulations to Daniel Negreanu, Event #20 Champion!"...ooooh baby doll, add $ 204,874 to the money won list....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!


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