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Weekend Summery

I played in the Sunday Heads Up tournament last night, a weekly Sunday blogger event that is dying on the vine, so to speak. There were only 6 or 7 runners, which is a terribly low turnout, so I highly encourage readers/bloggers to check it out next week, Sunday at 9pm EST on FT, password, shovemonkey. More details can probably be found at the site of the game's founder, Loretta8. A big congrats also goes out to Loretta for his (yes, Loretta is a guy) win in the BBT3 TOC, netting himself a seat in the WSOP Main Event.

I hate to toot my own horn, but BEEP BEEP. That isn't to suggest that I won or even cashed in the HU game. But I did beat my first round competition faster than anyone else. The fact that I slowplayed my flopped top set (with pocket KK) and my opponent caught 2 pair with 56o on the turn probably helped. But the key, to me, was to keep him in the pot on the flop...and it worked big time.

In the next round, I started with 3000 chips to my oppponents' 1500, since he had a bye in the first round. Boo hoo hoo to him, I suppose, but rather than bitch and moan, he instead chose to play solid poker...until our last hand. He had worked his way to even (I can't remember who now, due to a looooooong weekend) and may have even held a tiny lead when we got into a preflop raising war. At showdown, I had JJ and he had A7s. He flopped the flush draw, turned the inside straight draw, and rivered the straight. It was a real kick to the junk, and I shut down my Full Tilt as fast as possible. I felt real disgust, but then I looked up the odds on a poker odds calculator courtesy of CardPlayer and found that I wasn't even a 70/30. Oh well. At least I got in good.

Other than that, it was a pokerless weekend, as wifey Kim had me all over the tri-State area. On Friday night, we joined two other couples at a tiny French-bistro type restaurant in the West Village called Tartine. The place was so small that guests waiting for a table had to wait outside, and the place was so 'hip' that they didn't have a list for seating. Instead, you just waited in a sloppy line. In total, we probably waited an hour to be seated, but the moderate temperature and good company made it bearable. It also didn't hurt that the restaurant was BYOB, so we got sloshed for cheap on some un-marked-up wine. SCORE! As for the food, it was uniformly very good. My escargot was probably some of the best I've had and the spicy chicken was pretty good, if small and a tad boring.

The next day, wifey Kim and I went to my parents' home in Long Island to pick up a car. Our first stop was Pt. Lookout Beach, where I did my best not to stare at the High School seniors and their skimpy bathing suits. Thank god for sunglasses and the old stand-by line, "I can't believe she is wearing that. I think I will stare at her disapprovingly until she is adequately shamed at showing off her perfect ass." Works every time.

After the beach, where I managed to only burn my right ankle, we drove into New Jersey to celebrate wifey Kim's friend's husband's doctorate, which he just earned due to his dissertation on self-mutilation. Over pints of black and tans, we discussed how, as a disaffected youth, I saw my share of fuckedupedness, but that cutting was a relatively new breed of teen angst. It probably was around back then, but less popular, thanks to poor publicity. Now, its a known 'thing' which must cause a spike across the board (no pun intended) in activity.

After that rousing trip, we headed back to the city to catch some Z's. The next day, we returned back to LI for a barbque out east at another one of wifey Kim's friends houses. I, naturally, got drunk on Bass while hanging out in the beautiful suburban surroundings. If not for the fact that I broke my toe during a rousing game of frisbee, it would've been a perfect day. Whatever the case, it still rocked out. By the time I got home last night, with 15 mins to spare before the HU game, I was exhausted.

Very little poker, though.

I'm already eyeing my next trip to AC. It looks like I will be making a day trip in two weekends. God, I can't wait.

Here's a fun little thingee that I thought I would share. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is wifey Kim's favorite restaurant, mostly because of their amazing sweet potato casserole side dish. Well, they are having a special summer-long deal. $89 for a meal for two. It includes two appetizers, two entrees, two sides and one dessert, all from a limited, but reasonable, menu. You can check it out HERE.

I'll leave you with today's WSOP Prop Bet update.

- I lead the Most Cash Won bet, now that all three of my picks have cashed. Most recently, Phil Ivey took 9th in Event #14, the $10k Stud World Championship for $37,130, Allen Cunningham took 22nd place in Event #10, $2,500 OE, good for $6,247, and Johnny Chan placed 13th in Event #8, the $10k Mixed Game Championship, good for $27,072. ($70449, total) . Fuel is on the board with $8,103 thanks to Sorel Mizzi's 68th place finish in Event 5, the $1000 rebuy. His two other picks, Jonathan Little and the Poker Brat, Phill Hellmuth, have yet to cash since our bet began with Event #3.

Ingoal- Ingoal leads the Most Cash Won bet thanks to Daniel Negreanu ($16,496, 22nd place, Event 5, $1000 rebuy and $33,417 for 11th place in Event #14, the $10k Stud World Championship). My two horses, Bill Chen and TJ Cloutier have yet to cash since our bet began with Event #3.

UWannaBet - UWanna still leads our Most FT/Bracelets bet thanks to Michael Binger (Final Table, Event 5, $1000 rebuy). He also almost had a second final table with Brandon Cantu's 9th place finish in Event 10, OE. Unfortunately for UWanna, OE is played 8-handed, making Cantu the final table bubble boy and saving me $3. As it now stands, UWanna is still ahead $3.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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