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Here's an interesting promotion from an online poker site. recently ran an online tournament to culminate in a live event for the final table, to be held this upcoming May 8 at the
Perlada Castle in Barcelona, Spain. The event, called the World Poker Crown (aka the WPC) started with an online tournament with well over 2000 players vying for a piece of the $3 million prize pool, with a cool $1 million for first place. Only ten will appear at the upcoming WPC finals.

Interestingly, 888 decided to add even more interactive elements to the event. The live event will be available online at Check out that site and vote for who you think is going to win. Viewers will get a chance to win a $17,000 prize package to the WSOP Main Event.

There willl be three freeroll events hosted by during the WPC.
Before the event, vote on your pick to win the WPC to play in an online freeroll that will start 3 hours after the WPC final table starts. That freeroll will be paying out a WSOP package worth $17,000.

During the event, freerolls will be available via the 888forum for all members who post their username. The prizes are tickets to WSOP qualifiers worth $550.

After the event, another online tournament will be held, this time awarding 3 WSOP packages (each worth $17K). This tournament is open only to those who picked the actual winner of the WPC.

So, check out the poker at the WPC, and Guess who will take it down!

Vote now to win a free WSOP $17,000 package!

Further information is available at:

Until next time, make mine poker!

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